The Secret Meeting Between Al Biernat and Stephan Pyles

A SideDish spy tells me that Al Biernat and Stephan Pyles were spotted together last night on the patio at Bolsa. The two were reportedly — and oddly — wearing sunglasses and hats. Hmm. I’m starting the rumor right here that they are planning to launch a new restaurant together. Print it. Or post it. Or tweet it. Whatever.

16 comments on “The Secret Meeting Between Al Biernat and Stephan Pyles

  1. We were at Bolsa on the patio at the same time. I eat there about once a week with my wife Jeannie, and my son Jess. Stephen used to also be my neighbor when he lived in Oak Cliff. I have a home on 3 acres in a beautiful section of the Cliff since 1985. I really respect Stephen for his success over the years. What we dicussed ……. to be continued

  2. Actually, they are there to discuss ‘doctoring-contributing to a screenplay’ per Nancy Nichols called ‘Fried’ which, according to an unnamed Nichols’ publicist, will be ‘a cinematic romp’ about a ‘struggling bi-polar male teen’ who agrees to be ‘battered’ (beer and organic cornmeal)and ‘dropped into hot fat briefly’ per a reality show segment stunt called ‘tempura teasers’ in order to pay for chef school in Spain where the somehow newly transsexual ‘post-teen kitchen phenom’ ultimately becomes billed as the ‘queen of tapas’ and widely seen as the trans-Atlantic toast of ‘cabernet-cabaret society’. The musical numbers with glow-in-the-dark mandolins slicing ‘light reflective yucca wedges’ was described by both Biernat and Pyles as ‘stunning’ and ‘breathtaking’.

  3. Nancy, I have a herb garden that needs tending. You need to collect the honey out of the bee hives. Feed the horses and gather the fresh eggs every morning and walk my 3 dogs and feed the cats and make sure the geese don’t attack the mailman. This all needs to done by 7:30 a.m. Clean the pool after mowing the 3 acres. You sure you want my house?

  4. Every time I read the DMN, Troy and Rhonda Aikman are eating at Al Biernat’s.

  5. Al–I’ll do all of the above except the mowing. And I don’t iron either. The other stuff is stuff I live to do. So…your ball.

    Lori, every other night they are eating at MiCocina Highland Park.

  6. Just had Bolsa for brunch for the first time two Sundays ago. (I know …. what took us so long?) Spotted peeps from Nonna and Tom Spicer (my new fave cat) there. I can see why it’s a foodie hang. Loved it. Now we need to head back for their dinner fare!


  7. Nancy, I’ll make you a deal. When we harvest our pecans this fall ,you can have all you want. If you need local honey, I’m your connection. Same for blueberries,raspberries, fresh eggs, or herbs. But I cannot replace my urban farm. So if you won’t iron –no deal.

  8. By the way, Gram from Bolsa also has bee hives. I believe he sells his zip code honey at Bolsa. Great stuff, but my bees produce a better honey . I work them harder! I also have a non flowing artesian well that was dug in 1939. Local good products available outside my front door. Stephan Pyles had a great piece of property in the Cliff that he sold awhile back. That was what we were discussing the night at Bolsa. Chefs and restauranteurs love their gardens. He grew his own herbs.We miss him in the neiborhood.

  9. I guess I can die now after reading all this crap. Maybe I should wait for the christmas newsletter? Nah. I’m going to blow my brains out right now and end the pain.

  10. Al, I love your restaurant, but you are starting to look bad with all your posts.