Carolina’s Mexican Cuisine Opens Tomorrow

carolinaCarolina Galvan-Rodriguez, former wife of Mico Rodriguez, is opening her first of possibly four restaurants. Carolina’s Mexican Cuisine will have it’s grand opening tomorrow on Rosemeade (near George Bush Tollway) in Far North Dallas. The invite-only soiree starts at 6 tomorrow. The public can dine after 9 p.m. (No menu attached to the press release.)

9 comments on “Carolina’s Mexican Cuisine Opens Tomorrow

  1. well, i guess we can expect another micocina knockoff. does this family ever stop trying to best each other?

  2. Saw a sign for one at 75 and Parker in Plano… not sure if it is open yet. In the old Mario Chiquta’s space

  3. They’ve been open since last Friday, ate there Saturday and pretty good stuff, about 30 beers on tap and a large, very nice patio.

  4. I am excited for this place, it is in the old Cocina Caliente space. Also kind of fun to have so many beers on tap.

  5. Mi Cocina is no longer owned by the Rodriguez family. It was purchased by Ray Washburn and his investment group. So, nobody is trying to best themselves in the family restaurant business but doing what they know best…Providing Great Mexican Cuisine and Service!!!

  6. Thank God! Finally a good place that my friends from up north and downtown can meet thats easy to get to, has good food and a cool scene. Been there twice already and as a restaurant it’s great and then it converts into a very nice nightclub at night. Nothing like it for miles! Thank you! Try the La Bomba… rediculous, but be careful… it will sneak up on you.

  7. I ate there on Saturday. And the food is great!!! Great Service will absoulutely go there instead of Mi Cocina!!

  8. Love it! Been a few times already and it’s becoming a staple for me and my friends. Great food, service, atmosphere, location and a beautiful bar.

  9. Are any of the Carolina’s or Taco Mundos still open? I desperately need to get in touch with the owners/caterers. PLEASE HELP!