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Quick Review: Cappa Cafe

cupps31Our hard-workin’, sweet intern, Sara, discovered Cappa Cafe on Walnut Hill this morning. She files this report:

For those who fall under the category “definitely NOT morning people,” breakfast on the run is sort of standard. So Cappa Cafe, a tiny, all-brick standalone off Walnut Hill and Central in the middle of a shopping center is a godsend. Not fast-food chainy type fare, it’s got a good selection of coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos at friendlier prices than Starbucks (my medium skim cafe au lait was only two bucks, and they have one called the Hammerhead that I might have to try) andpastries, breakfast sandwiches and burritos, plus paninis and salads for lunch. I kept passing by thinking I was seeing the grand opening, because they’ve got flags and a huge banner announcing their existence, but apparently they’ve been open for two months now. Food was ready pretty fast, which means it might have been sitting under a heat lamp for a while, but it tastes fresher than most and the staff is super perky, which means their coffee works.

5 comments on “Quick Review: Cappa Cafe

  1. interesting but very limited food menu…I guess it is much more coffee house than diner?

  2. I went through the drive thru this morning for my 1st visit there. Thought the breakfast menu looked good, so I ordered a burrito with sausage, egg and cheese for $2.49. When I opened it up at work, I couldn’t believe how tiny the burrito was. It looked like something you would buy frozen at 7-11 and heat up in a microwave and it tasted like a frozen burrito also. Very dissappointing. Not homemade at all. If they want to serve a small burrito like that, they should charge $1.00 for it. They should go see the what the wonderful breakfast burritos at Jason’s Deli on Greenville Ave. look like! Those are a treat and well worth the money.