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18 comments on “Fedora Closes In One Arts Plaza

  1. VERY sad…another above average concept that is(was) in a development with a TON of potential but ZERO nightime traffic! I would not be at all surprised if Jorge’s quickly follows..and even though Tei An, Screen Door and Dali are also GREAT places, they can only hang on for so long. Lucy should put her money into shuttle buses and massive cash to concierge and convention planners in order to keep those places from closing

  2. who is RB?

    are they really closing the hat?? long overdue… if it weren’t for the Epcot atmosphere (welcome to wise-guy town), poor service and terrible food it’d have been a great restaurant

    and I’m gonna disagree with G. because I think most of One Arts belongs in an easily amused surburb not a metropolitan downtown. Screen Door makes my Alabama roots gag

  3. Not surprised. My BFFs took me there last week for my bday. None of the wines on the wine list were available. The dining room was completely empty. Service stank. Stunk? The pizza was good and we had so much fun but it was not because of the restaurant, rather in spite of it.

  4. The pizza was too salty, the sauce was from the jar and the place was overrated. Oh, wait. I thought we were talking about Campisi’s.

    That comment will get me Ruby-ed.

    It’s been interesting monitoring the coverage of the Arts District in D and its blogs in recent months. It seems like they are seriously distancing themselves from this turd. And I don’t think it’s only because a certain editor’s wife no longer manages PR for the Performing Arts Center.

  5. Gina was in WAY over her head… terrible restaurant and service. great location though!

  6. I’ve always enjoyed One Arts… I’ve been several times over the past few months- and it was always crowded down there. I am surprised about Fedora’s, I enjoyed the food and service was great the few times I went. However, I would not be shocked if Jorge’s closes. The food at Jorge’s is average at best- probably wouldn’t crack the top 30 of Mexican restaurants in the area…

  7. seasoned restaurateurs with a lifelong passion for their craft? Dali (Pinnell, Harloff, is Rudy Mikula still there? etc.) Tei An (Sakurai)

    relative newcomers to the practice of owning a high-profile restaurant? Screen Door, Fedora, Jorge’s.

    If Fedora is in fact closed for good, I feel confident that young Gina will have learned a zillion lessons and we’ll see her ambitious presence in this town again. Don’t give up, young Campisi.

    It will be a true loss if Dali and Tei An suffer similar fates although I suspect that their experienced and crafty owners have already avoided some of the pitfalls that have come upon their friends across the fountains. Nonetheless, heed this closing as a warning shot that the pipes have sprung a leak and we need to act now by drinking and dining in two of Dallas’ true gems.

  8. We were there two weeks ago and they were out of every bottle of wine we ordered, so they ended up giving us what they did have left at a discount. I mentioned to my husband that they were probably closing soon because the last time we saw that at a restaurant they were closed days later. The interior was great, but the food only mediocre and the service bad. We didn’t even get part of our order. Glad I went but said I”d never go back.

  9. Trendy just isn’t enough for longevity…helps if food and service exceed the design and attitudes.

  10. Jorge’s is a great fresh take on Tex Mex. Fresh food! From what I hear in the area they are actually doing well…have several friends who have catered from there and they do have the busiest lunch…i go with friends every wednesday. Run by a good family from west Texas.

  11. Dali is no where in the same league as Tei An!!!! The food is terrible!!! Fedora was very mediocre. Sorry but true.

  12. Fedora re opens july 2nd at 4pm according to a sign on the door….wonder what they changed?

  13. They are open. I am new to town and don’t know what changed. There is a new night starting Thursdays aimed towards music lovers.

    I am djing there each Thursday / South Beach Style House Music & Lounge