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8 comments on “Tre Amici’s Judd Fruia is Now Ed Bailey’s Un Amici at Bailey’s Prime

  1. Based on that headline, I think I would avoid letting Nancy order at an Italian restaurant.

  2. I always let men order for me. I’m not capable. “Amaco” just didn’t have the Harrison-esque rhythm I was searching for.Ora andare via lei il ragazzo sciocco. Grazie.

  3. E il tempo verrà in cui si vede
    siamo tutti uno, e la vita scorre dentro di te e sulla senza di voi.

    With a side of sauteed fennel, please.

  4. Patrizio’s would indicate Bailey is clueless. Judd is really good. Fruia needs to do a bunch of of work on Bailey, before Bailey increases his contamination of the business. If he can’t fix Patrizio’s, or can’t even tell something is wrong. he should probably clip coupons, before ho loses his ass.

  5. Anybody who thinks NN was not making funny and accusing TG of having thunder thighs obviously has never met TG (so slim, so slender, and oh so blue)…. In person she’s a real peach.

  6. Gastronome quickly vaults to the top of the list of “greatest commenters ever”. way to make a person’s day!

  7. Let me make this clear, Teresa Gubbins is not a peach. If she were a fruit, she’d be a yuzu. If she were a vegetable, she’d be a sweet potato. If she were a floor wax, she’d be a dessert topping.