Tom Colicchio Will Cook at Craft Dallas

Craft Dallas founder and chef Tom Colicchio will be in the kitchen on June 25th  at 7:00pm. Chef Colicchio will prepare a five-course dinner to pair with wines from Ramey Wine Cellars. I call it a bargain: $115 per person inclusive of tax and service charge. Reservations required. Michelle Tran: 214 397 4177 or by email at


10 comments on “Tom Colicchio Will Cook at Craft Dallas

  1. We were at Craft last Friday night at 8:30 PM and the restaurant wasn’t even half full. Bring Tom Colicchio to town on a Thursday night and they sell out immediately?

  2. The sad thing is that Craft opened in June of 2006, and this is the FIRST TIME in THREE YEARS that Tom has cooked at Craft-Dallas. Now that he no longer owns the place, and signed a licensing agreement with the owners of the hotel, he is contractually obligated to be at the restaurant X times per year. What a shame. The place never had a chance.

  3. Does it matter if Tom is in the kitchen on a regular basis? The food has always been consistantly great there. Do you think you would actually know if he was in the kitchen or not, unless he came out to the dining room? I dont think it makes any difference. It’s not called Tom’s Place or something that would lead you to think he is there every night.
    Im not saying that Craft has done everything right and is the perfect restaurant but all of the negativity is getting old!

  4. We still love Craft. Would have tried to go to Tom’s night but are out of town. Went a few weeks ago on a Tuesday and the place was half empty, but the food, service and menu continue to be stellar. Nothing like it in Dallas.

  5. My husband and I were fortunate enough to get reservations and are very excited. We have only eaten there a few times but it was great. Just something about eating in a place where the founding chef is cooking. Really looking forward to it.

  6. Most restaurants are primarily run by the Chef de cuisine or Sous Chefs from Menu Composition to training of kitchen staff. Executive Chefs are
    Management rarely cook or even grace the hotline. Sad thing is the higher you move up in the kitchen the less cooking you do. Tom C. Probably hasn’t cooked since he had hair