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SideDish Tasters Choice: Zinsky’s Deli Tasting Group Announced

Calling all kvetchers!
Calling all kvetchers!

Liz Baron, co-owner of Zinsky’s Deli, has read all of the comments and made the selections for the Zinsky’s Deli Friends and Family Tasting from 5:00-8:00pm next Sunday at Bengal Coast. The list is below. Please e-mail your stage name and your real name to me ( Your name must  be on the list to get in. If you are one of the “winners” below and you can’t make it, please let me know so we can substitute. Remember, you must agree to file a report on SideDish next Monday. Congrats to:

1)    elena34
2)    Lisa Petty
3)    Margie
4)    borntorhone
5)    Michael
6)    Bob
7)    Dallas Deli
8)    Dubious Brother
9)    TLS
10)  Scagnetti

7 comments on “SideDish Tasters Choice: Zinsky’s Deli Tasting Group Announced

  1. Just got back from my cousin’s wedding in Chicago, and now I wish I hadn’t sat out the 25-minute Hava Nagila-thon at the reception…would have helped with all the calories I’m sure to consume at the tasting! :)

  2. Margie, I’m anxious to meet you. I’ve read your other blogs and we’ve seemed to agree on most all.