Re: Is Frozen Yogurt the New Coffee?

Not to steal thunder from the lovely, talented, and yogurt-loving Sarah, but I weighed in on this craze for D Beauty. It was nuts back then–I mean, how many frozen yogurt shops can one city support?–and it has since only gotten nuttier. The truth is they all taste pretty much the same (which supports the same-mix theory), although I do think Orange Cup has a leg up in the taste department. But, of course, you can’t serve yourself or add your own toppings there, which I have to believe is part of the allure. (Not for me, because I prefer a controlled portion.) While the frozen-yogurt selection is limited at Natsumi, I had another one of my best cups there during my taste-a-thon. Will these frozen yogurt shops eventually go the way of TCBY? Jury’s still out.

2 comments on “Re: Is Frozen Yogurt the New Coffee?

  1. TCBY will always have my support. Luckily, there is one by my office (on Campbell) and my home (on Mockingbird. The white chocolate mousse cannot be outdown… even by the OC Acai berry….. IJS.