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Disher Wants to Rant: Patrizio

A lovely Houston’s-lovin’ Disher wants equal time. In response to my rant against Houston’s, she offers:

I would like to see you put up the same thing about Patrizios.  If that place wasn’t IN HPV and had such low price points I don’t see why anyone would go there.  I only go there when someone INSISTS.  And many do.  It’s not even worth bringing the leftovers home and the last time I was there a roach walked across the bar.  The bartender didn’t seem surprised.  The service has always been bad.  The waiters don’t even seem to know who has which section and they sure aren’t going to go out of their way to help you even after passing you 6 times in 10 minutes.

WELL, there you have it. Roaches? In Texas? She has to be nuts.

21 comments on “Disher Wants to Rant: Patrizio

  1. Right on!! The last time I went there, they got my to-go order wrong THREE times and it was not even very good when I got home…

    Give me a 17 dollar burger at Houston’s any day of the week. As a matter of fact, the post about Houston’s made me crave it and I am meeting some friends there this week. Yum!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly about Patrizios. Lukewarm food at best. Service would not be their strong suit.

  3. When I heard the rumor that the space would get something new under Washburne’s watch I was relieved. No more forced meals there! I think it would be neat if they used the old Its a Wrap space as a little jewel box private party spot like Ziziki does in Travis Walk. It would be booked all the time!

    Have no clue why people actually WAIT for Patrizio food!

  4. I don’t get the complaints – I enjoy Patrizio’s, it’s tasty, consistent, and relatively inexpensive. Nice atmosphere too. Service is not as good as say Houston’s, but it’s not objectionable. Conchiglie con Spinaci, mmmmmmmmm

    Other than the apperance of the menu, I don’t see what has changed there in the last 10 years to produce this undercurrent of dislike.

  5. I do not get Patrizio either. What is up with the fake flowers? The only thing i like is the salads. The pasta is better at Macaroni Grille.

  6. Absolutely, The worst restaurant I’ve ever been to in Dallas.
    The food and service are both, TERRIBLE!!!

  7. That is a great space. Just needs a good mgr, staff and decent food. Back in the “ole days” when Jack Knox owned it- at least the service was good even if the food was just passable. The price points and the patio are what kept everyone coming back. Remember when there was always a wait there (like houstons)?

  8. Commenting from afar . . . everyone knows how much I dislike Patrizio’s. Putrid. It was only slightly better before Ed McBailey bought it. Calling Alberto Lombardi .. . bring us some decent Italian the the Village. Or better yet, relocate Nonna there.

  9. The last time I went to Patrizio’s (in Plano) a rat ran under my foot. Never again, I promised!

  10. On top of everything else, one of the basic pillars of any italian place, the bread, is the worst. Bailey is supposed to know the business, Patrizio’s current condition really raises questions about Bailey’s abilities. It is one thing to be a burger franchisee, another to build and/or operate real restaurants. Does Bailey not understand how trashy Patrizio’s is? If he does, why hasn’t he done something about it? If he thinks it’s good. what does that say about him? Either way, Bailey looks out of touch.

  11. My last venture to Patrizio’s was at the insistence of a dear out-of-town friend who remembered the glory days of the place. Instead of the jammed lunch crowd, it was us and three other tables of diners. It took forever to order and get the food, which came out in vastly reduced portions. When I pointed out to the server that my fork still had residues of a previous diner, the waitperson grabbed my fork and said, “Not to worry. It happens all the time.”

    Haven’t been back and don’t plan to, but the health department might want to drop by.

  12. I agree – last time I went my favorite salad was much smaller than usual and the bread was stale…all loves of it. And, the made us sit outside (with 2 month old babies mind you) “under” and umbrella while it misted so they could clean up from some charity event. However, the entire restaurant was open and there were tons of seats. Unreal. Will not go back. However, the bathrooms are nice!

  13. The thing about Patrizio’s is that it’s so loud, I’m hoarse at the end of a meal. So it’s the perfect place to go with someone who is boring to talk to, where you just people watch and eat stuff. I have no beef otherwise.

    It’s just a place to be herded like cattle and treated like a non-violent offender in a minimum security encampment adorned with people wearing boat shoes who don’t have boats. Where you’re greeted by people who treat you like pilgrims at Ellis Island who are coughing.

  14. I LOVE the suggestion of Alberto or Nonna going in there. That would be perfect!

    Interesting……I can’t think of another place that would be able to inspire the “rant” in restaurant like Patrizio!

  15. Not to worry, the M Crowd will put one of their pedistrian restaurants in that space hopefully not Taco Diner, that’s like the ever brilliant Millers putting Bill Noble and Harry Winston next door to each other and Calame two doors down. The Millers NEVER fixed the infrastructure, (sewage, roofs)little things like that. Ever walked up to Mi Cocina and the whole area smelled like raw sewage? When you went in the water TASTED like RAW sewage? Well there ya go. Hopefully Washburne will take care of these issues and make the places at least clean and safe? I can’t imaging the roach and rat infestation running around in those sewer lines that date back to to the 30s. Guess we’ll see what these Young Guns do to the HPV!!

  16. Patrizio’s did really go down hill after Bailey bought it. I’m sure it does fine in Plano plus Garland, Rowlette, Grand Prarie or wherever the hell he expands it to.