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Why George and Laura Bush Should Eat at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. Plus: Updates From the Kitchen

I caught up with nice man and Managing Director of the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, Duncan Graham. He’s a patient and philosophical British guy. I asked him what was going on over at “Crippled Creek.” When are they going to name a new chef? He responded:

“I have always been fond of the childhood tale of The Turtle and the Hare where The Turtle reigns supreme. Sometimes when I become eager to check things off my list, or try to resolve challenges too quickly, I stop and remind myself of the moral of that fable: slow and steady wins the race. To that end, we shall remain thoughtful and steady in the care and treatment of Dallas’ most iconic restaurant.”

Duh, he would pick the Turtle. I mean they don’t call it Rosewood Mansion on Hare Creek, but I’ll move on to his recap of who is in the kitchen and why the Bushes would feel at home in the dining room.

Apart from Eric Brandt, the other leaders in the kitchen are Jason Maddy, Chef de Cuisine, and David Collier, Executive Pastry Chef.  Jason was with David Bouley and worked his way up to become Chef de Cuisine. He moved back to Austin (where he’s from) and became Exec Sous for David Bull. And from Austin to Dallas and The Mansion. David Collier was recently featured on The Mansion’s blog.

Interestingly there is a definite, though unintended, DC connection at The Mansion.  Eric Brandt was Exec Sous Chef at The Ritz Carlton there. David Collier was at Kinkaid’s and so was Michael Flynn, our Director of Wine and Beverage. I was General Manager of The St Regis Hotel and our daytime host in the restaurant, Jasmine Calbert, was a White House intern during the second Bush administration.

Duncan Graham, thank you so much for the update. Say hi to your mum in Chesire for us.

9 comments on “Why George and Laura Bush Should Eat at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. Plus: Updates From the Kitchen

  1. Has there been any buzz about a replacement for Jason Weaver at The French Room?

  2. I didn’t know Jasmine was a White House Intern, every time i go there she is very nice!See you next week at the Mansion

  3. I’m not a foodie but they have to get Tre — that would at least create some interest plus he seems like a good chef.

  4. Duncan Graham sounds like a gentleman — I hope they hire someone really special and become “the” place in Dallas once again.

  5. I wonder when President Bush will show up at the Mansion.It would be cool to see all the people from dc with “W”…..

  6. How much did the Mansion pay for this placement, Nancy? Well, at least it’s a nice break from the barrage of Al Biernet’s at Wick’s publications.

  7. Supple, ummm no they didn’t pay fot that. Nancy reports all of this for our curious minds. Do you think all of this is paid? It’s not