Another SideDish Tasting Opportunity: Zinsky’s Delicatessen

Calling all kvetchers!
Calling all kvetchers!

Now that Salmon-gate has settled  to a simmer, I’m happy to announce a unique one-of-a-kind (for now) event: a behind-the-scenes look at how some restaurants use family and friends to test their recipes.

The other day when I was talking with Liz Baron about Zinsky’s Delicatessen, she mentioned they were planning a huge tasting. I told her if she was looking for people with opinions, I knew a few.  I asked her if they would consider letting ten SideDish readers into the private tasting. She just got back to me this morning and said yes. How great is that?

So if you have strong opinions on what a New York deli should be in Dallas, submit your name and “qualifications” below. If we get more than ten, we’ll draw from a hat.

The “SideDish Kvetch” will take place at Bengal Coast on Sunday, June 14 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

37 comments on “Another SideDish Tasting Opportunity: Zinsky’s Delicatessen

  1. My qualifications are: born and raised in NJ, lived in Philly and NY state, extensive food background, not shy about voicing my opinions, and best of all…married into a Jewish family! I can do this!

  2. While living in Miami for years, I used to love going to Wolfies on Miami Beach and several different Tabachnik’s Deli locations. After Miami, I moved to Manahtten and used to go to the 2nd Street Deli. I am ready to tell it like it is, even if I am goy!

  3. I’m originally from NYC and, I’m Jewish. What other qualifications would you need other than that?

  4. I went to the very first bagel place in Dallas when I was six years old, and have gone to delis all over the world. Some good, some not so good, and others horrible.

    One of my favorite’s is Nate’s in Ottawa.

    Mexicans love delis, too.

  5. My Dad smokes his own fish, I keep the family recipe for matzo balls in a safety deposit box and I had my 9th birthday party at Bagelstein’s. (Okay, I made that last part up.) Pick me!

  6. You see that Leslie Brenner called you out (well, “some bloggers”) re salmongate in her Chamberlain’s review?

  7. I managed a deli in my early 20′s. I served beer to minors and I still have all my fingers, despite that damned meat slicer. Is that good enough?

  8. I love good food, I can explain my opinions, I can also give an opinion on what traditional NY deli foods will most appeal to the average native Texan.

    Oh yes, I am a loyal Bengal Coast customer and have been hearing buzz for months from staff about how cool this new place will be.

  9. I am a fanatical Jewish cook (my grandchildren love my matzo balls), love authentic Jewish food (not rolls that are disguised as bagels), my cousin Dudy had a great Dallas deli, who took over Phil’s delicatessen back in the day, and most importantly, I know Grumpy Evan (who refused to eat gefilte fish at my seder)!

  10. DallasDeliFan is disqualified for not knowing the correct name of the Second AVENUE Deli in New York. Also, check spelling for Manhattan. One must be precise when it comes to Jewish Deli Food; otherwise, you end up with what passes for a bagel in Dallas (round dinner roll with hole).

  11. @Bob
    Bist meshugeh,
    Who died and mage you machen? Gevaldikeh Zakh I should make a typo or two.

  12. I once lived in New York, there was a Jewish guy in my office, I like to eat and I have traced my blood line back 1976 years to southern France to a widow named Mary. In other words, I know the NYd code.

  13. I have very strong opinions. Plus, it’s always been a dream of mine to attend a deli-tasting at a place with the name “Bengal Coast.” See, in addition to being a Tribe member, I am 1/2 of the city’s world-famous Law Reviewers reviewing team extraordinaire. I didn’t just wake up one day and DECIDE to be an amateur critic. I spent years in New York City, tracing my Ellis Island roots and eating my way through the five boroughs (all of which are also a separate county – see, I really DO know the City). From Nathan’s in Brooklyn, to Knishes outside of Yankee stadium, to the bagel place on the UES by one of my apartments where I had my first harmonious B&W cookie to, yes, the famed Second Avenue Deli, I overpaid for them all and had the heartburn to prove it. I even knew what kasha varnishes were at one point (hint: not something you stain a deck with). So, do I win? (I think I win longest post, that’s fer sure)

  14. I love to eat, give my opinion to help make restaurants better and I was born in Philly…

  15. I’m a goy who grew up in Brooklyn and I can out Jew most Jews.

    Once when I was 12, I rode a bus in a torrential downpour for 45 minutes because I had to have a pastrami sandwich from Smolinsky’s.

  16. I grew up in Pa. and worked in a Jewish deli as a kid. We used to visit relatives in Phila. and experienced the wonders of the Jewish deli and wonderful bakeries there. Also did my time in New York City, Brooklyn to be exact, and loved to eat in the delis there. Strong taste for good corned beef, knishes, real NY bagels, whitefish salad; Oy, I am making myself hungry just thinking about it already. So, please PICK ME, PICK ME.

  17. I’m jewish and spent my first 22 years of life trying every deli and bagel store in NYC, Long Island and Westchester. I’ve been in Dallas for the last 10 years waiting for a great NY deli to arrive. Please pick me.

  18. I’m just going to post again so that maybe you’ll put my name in twice by accident. Oh, I would kill for a black and white right now.

  19. I was born in Manhattan, my husband is from Long Island, I used to help my mom grind the livers for chopped liver and render the chicken fat for schmaltz. I remember Walls and Bagelsteins. I refuse to recognize any restaurant that “proudly serves Boars Head” as a real deli. I make my own latkes from scatch at Chanukah and my own matzo ball soup at Passover. We used to hang our salamis from the cabinets so that they dried out. Is that enough? I hope so!

  20. P.S. (I really want in!) One of my favorite foods growing up was lox, onions, and eggs, I never had yellow potato salad until I was an adult, the words “whitefish salad” make me salivate, and I haven’t yet found a worthy black and white cookie in Dallas. :)

  21. What I want to know is, if there are so many Jewish Deli Mavens around these parts, why is it that we cannot support one decent Jewish deli? When I moved here, there was a great one behind the Baker Hotel, off Commerce. They closed, and there was Phil’s (which morphed badly into Cindi’s), then Wall’s, then Stein’s, then Bagelstein’s, then Gilbert’s, then Deli-News, then Ed’s–each one a lesser successor to the last. Now you’re getting these made-up delis with their made-up names. A real Jewish deli in Dallas may just be one more fantasy for us. I feel like Charlie Brown, and these deli people are just like Lucy, what with her damn football.

  22. I was born in L.A. and grew up with Art’s Deli and Nate and Al’s. Some family is in New York, and we always come back to Dallas with bagels and white fish salad from Tal’s pastrami from the Carnegie and lox from Barney Greengrass. I have never ever been able to find a decent corn rye or rugelach in Dallas, I have fond memories of Weby’s Bakery in Studio City. I have total faith in the group behind Zinsky’s but would love the chance to do this. Their has never been a deli in this city that is worthy of supporting, they all have been less than medicore at best.

  23. @Bob. I’m sure “deli mavens” everywhere, living in cities between NYC and LA feel the same about their own cities..

  24. My lovely wife and I can both kvetch as well. Some say I can even write pretty well.
    I’ve written a review or two in my time. Maybe that counts for something. I sure hope so.

  25. “My name is George. I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.”

  26. Laurie, we should have a latke, matzo ball soup cook-off. I’ll even throw in my stuffed cabbage, to-die-for brisket, cabbage borscht, farfel popovers and Passover cheesecake in the mix. Unfortunately the desire to make chopped liver, mandel bread and gefilte fish went to the grave with my mother and mother-in-law.

  27. Yeah, but (did) do you have seltzer bottles outside the window on your fire escape?