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Sneak Peek: Zinsky’s Delicatessen in Preston Royal

zinskys-deli-counterZinsky’s the new New York-style deli going into Preston Royal is taking shape. (I love the fact that they blasted the back wall out and put in windows.) The crew hopes to open “in the beginning of July.” I caught up with one of the partners, Liz Baron, over the weekend. She files this report:

Jim Baron, Mark Brezinski (our partner), Lex Berlin (the chef) and I spent some serious deli time in New York City.  We visited the iconic NY delis – everything from Second Ave. Deli, Katz’s, Barney Greengrass, H&H Bagels, Artie’s, Russ and Daughters, Zabar’s, Carnegie, Stage and The Pickle Guys – to name a few!.  Our goal at Zinsky’s is to serve the best of everything – best smoked fish, pastrami, bagels, matzo ball soup, corned beef, etc., etc.  We wanted to go to the source to make sure we were choosing those items.  Some of our products will be outsourced (Acme fish, Eisenberg pastrami), some made in Dallas (Robert Ozarow [Empire Bakery] is working on a bagel for us), and some made by Lex.  We’re still in the process of tasting and selecting – and plan to test more in front of some small and large groups.

Here is my favorite part:

Because this is a New York style deli, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from native New Yorkers about everything.  Relish in the tuna salad?  Onion in the egg salad?  Wide or thin noodles in the chicken soup?  I think more than any other type of food, people have strong feelings about how deli food should be prepared (like their mother did it, of course!).  In an attempt to respect and consider the volume of feedback we are getting and anticipate we will get, we’ve decided to have a “kvetch box” somewhere in the restaurant.  Best kvetch of the week wins a free sandwich.  I’m thinking the tag line might be “We value your opinion… maybe”.

Kvetch box? Nice. I say speak now, Dishers, or forever hold your kvetch.

(Hello? Did Liz say, “We plan to test more in front of some small and large groups?” I promise, no salmon.)

12 comments on “Sneak Peek: Zinsky’s Delicatessen in Preston Royal

  1. Liz Baron says, “Yes, we will open for dinner, but first 2 weeks just breakfast and lunch – after that we will be open for dinner and hopefully late night (2 am) Friday and Saturday.”

  2. As a native New Yorker and deli afficianado, i am volunteering to help test any time!!!

  3. As a native Brooklyn New Yorker I and all friends drool for a true New York style
    deli. I can smell the corned beef and past-
    rami just thinking about it so let me know when you open and I’ll be there salavating
    to enjoy it with a Dr. Brown cream soda.

    Arthur Sank

  4. Oh, I can be very patient for dinner while they work out the opening kinks. But you can’t be a real deli without the evening service. Sometimes one’s soul needs a big bowl of chicken soup after a bad day at the office!!

  5. Are you going to have Montreal favorites as well, such as: smoked meat; speck; kimmel bread; Montreal style bagels that are fired in an oven; karnutzel; kishka; real sour pickles; cole slaw made with vinegar/sugar; cucumber/onion vinegar and sugar; real sour tomatoes; chicken voorsht; haimishe farfel; sweet pickle peppers; french fries -Jewish style; chicken soup with unhathced chicken eggs; helzel; mamma-ligah; flaishidikah beet borsht; flaishidikah cabbage borsht; pickled salmon; pickled rolled veal; rolley polley; date squares; apple cake; cherry cake; etc.?

    and then there are all the Jews from South Africa with their stuff, which is mostly Lithuanian Jewish food.

  6. With Jim involved it will be great! Tk god we will have a New York Style Deli back in Dallas – cant wait!!!!

  7. Marvin–love the bagels in Montreal. What is the name of that old place where the guy brings them out on the long paddle. Oh, I can taste them.

  8. I predict they will be very successful! The right neighborhood, the right cliental, the right food at, the right time.

  9. They will not be a sucess.I don’t care how good here food is if they do not straighten out the parking its a disaster and you can not truly do the volume in that space to make shure everthing is fresh if that is not achieved. One last thought Restaurant people (does not matter how good they) are are not deli people.