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1st Annual Dallas Wine Trail a Success

Dallas Wine TrailThe first annual Dallas Wine Trail occurred last Saturday at Times Ten Cellars in Lakewood, with Calais Winery, Inwood Estates Vineyards and Fuqua Winery participating in the event to celebrate wine making in Dallas…yes Dallas.   Over 200 people stopped by the event tasting three selections from each of the wineries, along with complimentary pizza from Il Cane Rosso.  Each owner was on hand pouring their specialties, discussing their passion for the grape, and their commitment to making wine in Dallas…yes, Dallas. 

Texas has over 170 wineries throughout the state, with more popping up every day.  I hate to admit that I thought Texas wine was still in a development stage, so it was a pleasure to taste some of the award winning wine being made right in our backyard.  Follow the jump for more on the wineries.

Favorites from the day included Cuvee d’Elme, from Calais Winery.  An elegant blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.  Subtle fruit forward flavors from the Merlot blend with the structure and balance of Cabernet Sauvignon to create a classic Claret. 

Always a great go to for the summer is Times Ten Cellars Rose.  Easy drinking, food friendly, and incredibly refreshing for our Dallas summer days, this is a perfect patio wine with a wallet friendly price.

I was so intrigued by Fuqua Winery, and their owners Lee and Julia Fuqua, that I ventured to their tasting room (behind the Home Depot on Lemmon Ave.) to taste a few more of their wines on Sunday.  Lee believes his role in the winery is as a caretaker of great fruit, which he babysits from vine to wine. He is doing this job well making a clean, crisp, French style Chardonnay; a light, fruit forward Pinot Noir and a killer Tempranillo, filled with black fruit, vanilla, tobacco and leather.  This wine is incredible, smooth and refined, yet dynamic and intense.   And it recently won the gold medal at the Dallas Morning News Wine Competition

  TalFuqua Winery, Dallas Wine Trailks are already starting for the next wine trail, possibly later this summer.  Cheers to continued success making wine in Big D!

4 comments on “1st Annual Dallas Wine Trail a Success

  1. The Wine Trail was a blast. Here’s an interesting note. The cheaper the wine, the better the taste. Fuqua was the best, hands down, followed by Times Ten Cellars. (My taste buds said that Fuquas’s Tempranillo was interesting, but not “killer.”)The others? Eh. I’ve had worse, but not for their price.

    Overall, reds were young and thin and the whites were zesty and yummy. The reds will get better with age and vintner experience.

    Times Ten Cellars is a classic place. I hope it lives a long live in Lakewood.

  2. No such thing as a first annual anything if memory serves. If memory doesn’t serve them perhaps the wine was over served.

  3. First annual is always misused. It can only be the first. But it was a blast. It was a cool thing in Dallas. I look forward to the Second Annual