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Will the Design District Be the Next Dining Hotspot?

You know Dallas. We’re always looking for the next big thing. Uptown and the West Village are saturated with restaurants. Bishop Arts is maxed out and heading west down Davis Street. (Hello, Bolsa and ConFusion.) Deep Ellum is still in a funk. And Victory? See La Condesa below. Henderson Avenue is the current “it” place as the East Dallas street hops along with its gentrification efforts. But today I was driving into work through all the construction going on along Oak Lawn Avenue in the Design District and saw a sign in a vacant storefront: “For Lease: Restaurant Site.” Hmmmm… that’s interesting. The Design District is already fast becoming our little SoHo with its design showrooms, decor stores, and art galleries. Residential is moving in fast. Could destination dining be far behind? It’s a cool, urban area that has grown organically over the years. It doesn’t feel forced or contrived. (Hi again, Victory!) I think some restaurateur with chuztpah and deep pockets could transform this sleepy district (at least at night) into something pretty grand. Hey Kent, Phil, and Tristan: You guys listening? Want to make some money?

9 comments on “Will the Design District Be the Next Dining Hotspot?

  1. Having grown organically over the years, here’s hoping that the restaurants that go into an area like this are nothing like the places the three you mentioned above build. That’s not meant as a shot at those guys because I like what they do, especially Tristen. An area like that with a funky artsy kind of feel needs the same kind of restaurants, nothing to chainy or corporate, and I’m not talking about building a place that looks old but a place that is old. Please let it remain cool, my guess is most of those galleries located there because the rents in Uptown went crazy. They not share your thoughts.

  2. I’d say Todd and his ilk are more interested in what’s trendy and hype-able rather than funky or cool. Why should he care about rent or stability, all he wants is to be hip to some “new” place..

  3. As someone working on Dragon Street, let me welcome all new eateries with open arms. We would adore you & give you all of the attention you could ask for.

    “Organically grown restaurants” or not.. we don’t care. We do like organic food & great decor though! Come make us lunch! :)

  4. What about Victory Tavern City Grille? Lauren, I invite you and guest to lunch or dinner so you can experience a great restaurant mere minutes from the Design District. With a diverse and fresh menu, there is a little something for everyone. I encourage you to give me a call.

  5. Hey – anyone know which neighborhood I should look at for a cool hotel and great place to walk around (or drive) and see things? I will be flying into Love Field for an evening concert in Plano then leave the following day around lunchtime. Looking for a hotel, restaurants, and place to spend the day before going to the concert. Any suggestions would be fab!