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Victory Park: La Condesa is Closed

Ace PegNews reporter, pizza lover, and pastry person Teresa Gubbins reports La Condesa is closed. The Mexican restaurant with a large tequila bar in Victory Park is cerrado. No mas. It has ceased to exist.
Owners Donald Chick and Jesse Herman opened a second La Condesa about six months ago. Chick is the dude in the process of opening a new restaurant on Henderson with chef Marc Cassel. Originally, the place was to be called Jones but I think the name is being tweaked to reflect the “California roadhouse with a farm-fresh mentality” menu. Chick may be a good guy, but he is not Sharon Hage’s best friend. I would like to taste Marc Cassel’s food again. Oh, the Green Room.

5 comments on “Victory Park: La Condesa is Closed

  1. Not trying to be a jerk, just wanted to make note that I think the restaurant was “La Condesa” with one s. :)

  2. So sad to see it closed. There are so few restaurants to go to down there now. And with Victory Screens coming up, there’s nowhere to go enjoy a drink on a restaurant patio and enjoy the movie. What a shame Victory couldn’t make things work for those restaurants.

  3. agree B, you should see some of the emails I get about the Boardroom across the street at Cirque…they are practically giving food and alcohol away to get people to come in…