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Scott Jones to Close Café Italia on Lovers Lane

Café Italia, the Tex-Italian restaurant will close in late August. Owner Scott Jones, who is allegedly still involved in the operation of Screen Door in One Arts Plaza, announced today that he will replace Café Italia with a new concept. Café Italia opened on Maple Avenue in 1984. Jones bought it in 2001 and opened the Lovers’ location in 2002. Mr. Jones has rehired Louis Mendes, the man who opened the original restaurant to oversee the last few months of operation. According to the press release: “He added his Tex-Italian fare to the menu to offer the uniqueness that has helped make Café Italia successful year after year. The restaurant has continued to garner rave reviews and was even named by PaperCity as a “Top Five Dallas Restaurant.” Jones is also working on a new concept in Fort Worth.

  • DGirl

    That’s a bummer. I rarely ate there but they had a rocking good brunch. Curious — what is the tie-in with Cafe Italia and the Pucci family in Dallas? I noticed some of the menu items referenced Midge and Rick(?). Anyone know?

  • Jacqi

    I am so crushed! WHy not start a new concept while keeping this one open? Where else am I going to get my Pasta Sofia and their great Spaghetti and Meatballs?

  • Margaret

    Dino Pucci managed this location for several years. At one point when they redid the menu Dino referenced his mom, Midge. :)

    While he was there, I truly believe Dino was part of what made this restaurant successful. His customers loved him and do did the staff.

    I went many times but once Dino left I did not ever make it over there quite so much.

  • Brad

    Worst. Day. Ever. That’s one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas. It’s technically the site of my first “real” date with my wife, and has seen some special dinners since. Even though it’s not the fanciest restaurant in Dallas, and it doesn’t garner the attention that the 4 star plus crowd receives, it was our favorite little spot for a quiet dinner (our other favorite was Tucker, which also closed….).

    Why on earth would they take a seemingly successful concept and scrap it in favor of another?

  • DGirl

    @Margaret – thanks.

  • DesignBoy

    The Cafe Italia in Oak Cliff never caught on. I wonder if the Tex-Italian concept is suffering from fatigue. Does the Lovers location still pull a good crowd?

  • Gastronome

    Crowded every time I went, it was always worth the effort. The tables were so close together its hard to imagine how another concept could do better. I’ll be treating myself to one last visit before they close.

  • Karen Roberts

    Caio to the adage if it ain’t broke… our family favorint spot for delectable food and reliable service. My daughter will be crushed if she is no longer able to get her mac ‘n cheese.


    We understand he has been poking around Mckinney ave…maybe gettn some ideas…watch out Cretia…