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Dear Alan Richman: Dallas Has Good Pizza

center_1Okay, it’s no shocker that GQ’s list of the 25 best pizzas in America — it’s in the latest issue featuring cover boy Christian “I’m gonna kick your @#!#in’ arse!” Bale — is heavy on pies from New York. Chicago’s Great Lake takes the top spot. Detroit scored twice. Even Phoenix came in at No. 4. (Really? Phoenix?) And I’m not going to get all huffy, wailing toward the Conde Nast Building, “What about Dallas?!? Where’s the love?!?” Because lets be honest: we shouldn’t be on the list, should we? I mean, I love CoalVines bolognese pie, Eno’s cracker thin crusts, and anything from Campania. But I’ve never thought of Dallas as a pizza powerhouse. But I could be convinced otherwise. So, let’s hear it: Who has the best pizza in Dallas and should we contend for a spot on GQ’s Northeast heavy list? Comment away and may the best pie win.

26 comments on “Dear Alan Richman: Dallas Has Good Pizza

  1. Really. Phoenix. Chris Bianco won the 2003 James Beard Award for Best Chef Southwest for his pizzeria, beating out three Texas chefs.

  2. I am really into Eno’s right now so they get my vote with second being Olivellas. Campania’s Sorrento also makes me weak in the knees.

  3. Cigarz Pizza off Gaston Ave (near Grand) is the best. Soo good it doesn’t even need the name of the place outside, all it says is PIZZA.

  4. The Addison area is well served by two wonderful pizza shops: Pastazio’s (off the circle in “downtown” Addison, & Angelo and Vito’s (Frankford at the Tollway). Both have a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l crust (the essential foundation of any good pie!) and sell by either the slice or whole pie.

    I particularly like Angelo & Vito’s for a satisfying, quick lunch. They always have 6-8 varieties ready to go around that time. I’m a big guy and a single slice with a soda is plenty for me and can be had for less than $5. If You’re really hungry, they have a special that also includes a house salad all for less than $7. Try that anywhere else these days!

  5. I second Nonna’s white pizza w/ clams. Besides that, Grimaldi’s and Campania are my go-to places in Dallas.

  6. Cavalli pizza in Irving (near LBJ and Belt Line) is our family’s favorite — much better than i Fratelli.

  7. I dont know, but there is just something about the pizza at Elbow Room. I need to try the others.

  8. I think I agree with this article. Nothing in Dallas seems overly impressive to me. But my favorite ’round these parts is Brothers Pizza. I know of one in Uptown (Travis & Fitzhugh) and another in Carrollton (I-35 & Sandy Lake/Whitlock). I strongly recommend their sausage pizza. The place is very “hole in wall-ish.”

  9. I have many favorite Dallas pizzerias, but after reading the column I agree that none belong on his list.

    Richman specifically was looking for non-Neopolitan style pizzas, so two of my favorites (Campania and Olivella’s) are out. (I love both, but the author apparantly doesn’t appreciate this style). I think the only unique pizza that I’ve had in Dallas which Richman might appreciate is either Louie’s or the Spicy Dago at Angelo’s.

  10. Phoenix should absolutely be on the list…Pizzeria Bianco lives up to the hype. The Michigan picks are just crazy. But if Richman is anti-Neapolitan, then that’s what you get. His rant on Naples and NY bias is insane. He missed Motorino in Brooklyn as one of the best in NYC and Spacca Napoli in Chicago is great. A16 in SF is one of my all time favorites and made his list. In Texas – I love Dough Pizzeria in San Antonio, Olivella’s and Cavalli here in town. I also think what I’m knocking out with Cane Rosso is authentic Neapolitan. “NY Style” pizza is SO overrated…overcooked, overseasoned, overtopped, brittle dough. But I’m the anti-Richman and I have a Neapolitan bias.

  11. Scalini’s in Lakewood has some of the best pizza I’ve tasted in Dallas. I am a cheese-pizza connoisseur. Their sauce has just the right tinge of spice and their crust is thin, but never soggy.

  12. I know he ain’t the new kid on the block but Francesco over @ Arcodoro still was one of the first to do wood-fried pizza. He tells me his wood bills are still pretty hefty. He made an arugula and prosciutto pizza that was hard to beat. his home cured pancetta is as good as it gets.

    Dough in San Antonio is pretty darn good. Cipollina in Austin also wood fires his pies.

    Jeff’s Cane Rosso knocks it out of the park for the real street food feel of Pizza Napolitano. I also think Campania and Cavalli are super. Olivella’s is good – but his sauce is troppo dolce- wassup with that brother-man? Nonna reminds me of Cipollina, both really good “California school” pizza.

    Love Chris Bianco in Phx and Spaccanapoli in Chi-town. Luzzo in NY. there are more. These are ones I have been to recently. (All of them)

    Richman missed the boat with Texas. Guess he doesnt have John Mariani’s travel and dining budget

  13. Coal Vine’s White Special with chicken. Another secret. They have the best french fries EVER. Also, right now they have a fantastic red blend for $28. Had dinner there last night

  14. Cavalli Pizza, by far is the best in DFW. I have probably tried every pizza place in DFW and this one stands out above all the rest. The pizza truly is perfect Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizza, nobody even comes close.

  15. my wife and i have eaten at numerous italian restaurants around town and since she is originally from Milan and i have been to italy a number of times, i trust her judgment and my american tastebuds as well. on that that note, she says that I Fratelli is as close to true italian pizza as she has tasted. i’ve always liked it, myself. we ate at Cavalli’s (once, based on a friend’s recommendation). the pizza leaves a lot to be desired, even by Neapolitan standards. they would be ok but their pizzas come up a little short on the amount of ingredients you pay for. anyway, I Fratelli’s really is great pizza.

  16. Larry, you and your wife are crazy. i Fratelli’s over Cavalli’s? Not sure what you’re smoking. i Fratelli is as close to true italian pizza? Wow, you probably were in Switzerland, not Italy. Cavalli is certified by Vera Pizza Napoletana, and having been born in Naples, I can tell you this IS neapolitan pizza. Dont speak poorly about places that are finally doing it right, especially when it is obvious you know not what you speak of.