Food-Related Twitters From the Weekend

dscn1593Four locals and one non. But Nancy was in Chicago so it almost counts…

Kent Rathbun@chef911: Abacus recieved the ivy award last night pretty sweet!!! On our way to napa valley for 5 days, Great way to start the week. (

Blythe Beck@ChefBlytheBeck: Today is the day!!! Let the shooting of the Naughty Kitchen begin!!!! Everyone come be on my show!!!

Just got done doing debbie denmons show! I heart her so bad!

Just went to a friends party and it was so awesome! It was a great stress reliever!(

Tsuki Caspery Brooks@dolcicakes: making yogurt, sour cream chocolate ganache, and lime tarts…beautiful outside for a change!

passing out cheese and visiting with people who stop by my booth at the NRA in Chicago

Rick Bayless@Rick_Bayless: – Beautiful evening in Topolo. Like well rehearsed ballet. Happy guests. Nice vibe everywhere.(

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