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Chapman Chile Kitchen in East Dallas Demands a Return Visit

I have a friend who’s remodeling a house on Sycamore, so a couple of days ago, when we were checking on the progress, we drove by Chapman Chile Kitchen on Carroll Avenue. Intrigued, we stopped in–even though we’d already had lunch. This tiny little spot, open Tuesday-Saturday, boasts a short little menu of heat-packed items, although not all are super hot. We tried the stuffed jalapenos–we couldn’t leave empty-handed–which are more like baby chiles rellenos than those deep fried, cheese-stuffed versions we’ve come to know and love. These little beauties were jammed with chicken, three kinds of cheese, onion, lime, and cilantro, covered in Panko bread crubs, and baked. De-lish. Call ahead and they’ll make you a tray for a party. I told Sarah that we must go back for the Frito pie topped with homemade lean bison chili (spicy or mild). Speaking of bison, that’s what they use in the burgers, too–one with jalapeno and garlic mixed right into the patty, which is then topped with blue cheese. I’m. So. In.

5 comments on “Chapman Chile Kitchen in East Dallas Demands a Return Visit

  1. My only complaint about the frito pie was by the time we walked to the patio to eat, the chips were entirely soggy and had no crunch to them. Otherwise a great tasting frito pie

  2. This is the exact kind of place Dallas needs more of. I hope they succeed.

  3. Yet another victory for East Dallas, now we just need to keep the Henderson/Uptown crowd on their side of Ross before it’s invaded by valet parking stands, trendy menus and greedy landlords.

  4. went today, great tasting chili and the jalapeno’s were just great! I ordered a party tray for this weekend :-)

  5. I’ve been passing by this little joint for a few months. Today, I finally stopped and now I’m so hooked. Those stuffed jalapenos are addicting. The original chili was fantastic.

    They owner told me that they are expanding into the building in the next couple of months….more room for more jalapenos!