What Dallas Needs: A Tweeting Truck With Indian Food

Attention restaurateurs and entrepreneurs, Dallas needs this YESTERDAY . How can we pull this off? Mr. Stephan Pyles and Vijay Sahu, I’m talking to you.
Take  Samar, your soon-to-open-restaurant, and put some of it on the road. Dishers, the petition starts here.

16 comments on “What Dallas Needs: A Tweeting Truck With Indian Food

  1. Or something next to the nice hotdog stand guy who is at Thanksgiving Square that the god awful Porta is trying to run off everyday.

  2. Yes, please! And deliver the food in tiffin tins. Pretty please! I’ve always wanted to eat take out Indian in a tiffin tin.

  3. fah you can already get pani puri at Taj Mahal, I’d rather have a Chinese bakery…

  4. How about something easy and healthy like foul and koshary, Two dishes that are big in Egypt. Both very inexpensive, portable, and realtively healthy everything you need for a truck or cart vendor.

    Both were featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Egypt episode from last year’s season

  5. @luniz
    there is a good chinese bakery inside the Asian Market on Legacy and 75 – one of the strip stores just inside to the right.

  6. thanks Laura but that place is not really the type of Chinese bakery I’m thinking of, nor is it really what I’d call good. No offense to anybody who works there. I mean a place where I can get char sui bao and preserved duck egg pastry.

  7. What if we got the team from Chaat corner to do one? I’d be all over that…