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GO TEXAN WineCast: Week Number Two

I am going to be a team player here—I am proud to support The Texas Depart of Agriculture’s GO Texan program and all of our local, regional, and state producers. Therefore, I will post this video, excuse me WineCast, from GO TEXAN. The clip features host Tanji “Head Bobbin” Patton and Pat Brennan, of Brennan Vineyard’s in Commanche, Texas. Tanji, can you say Blanc du Bois? I like the way you say Blanc du Bois. And Egg McMuffin (greatest evah!).

2 comments on “GO TEXAN WineCast: Week Number Two

  1. Mark his words that Viognier is emerging as the state’s best white grape. Furthermore, this is judged on a relative quality basis with Viognier from anywhere outside Condrieu.

    As well as Brennan, Becker and Fall Creek are good and are in local distribution.

    Another emerging white grape success that wasn’t mentioned in the video is Muscat Cannelli (Barking Rocks and Messina Hof are notable).

    Remember: if it doesn’t say on the bottle that the grapes are from Texas (all the above are) they may not be so.

  2. I love the Fall Creek and Becker Viognier–converted me from Sancerre. I am in the process of making “my own” Viognier. But the grapes are from Chile.