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Chef David Gilbert Leaves Lazare. Owner Russell Hayward is a Good Dancer.

Oh, yes. He is gone. In fact, he was gone before I ran  parts of my interview with him yesterday. Did anyone from the restaurant call me to tell me? No. Did Gilbert and owner Russell Hayward know a review of the restaurant is at the press and will run in our June issue? Oh, yes. WTF? I’d like to CVap Gilbert right this minute.

Hang on my phone is ringing. Caller ID: It’s David Gilbert. As I type, he is telling me his side of the story: “Hi David, WTF? Square peg, round hole? I see. Lazare is re-concepting and you didn’t feel comfortable? I can understand that. Oh, David, can you hold?”

Caller ID: Russell Hayward: “Hi Russell, WTF? Square peg round hole? I see. Lazare is not re-concepting? You didn’t want to call me until you made a final decision on the correct words? You and your partners decided to make an adjustment? Oh, you are not in favor of the direction you were going? You are meeting with David tomorrow to work out the final details? Will you call me and let me know?”

Join us tomorrow for another episode of Dancing With Lazare.

  • FortWorthGuy

    This sounds better than As The World Turns.

  • KRM

    sounds eerily similar to the behind the scenes Nikita story.

  • Gastronome

    Sorry Nancy, it must be a real bummer to spend all the time it takes to write a full review for the prime spot in June’s magazine, send the photographer out, get the editors and graphic artists and layout folks to do their things only to find you’ve been dry-gulched by chef and owner alike – both of whom could have told you off the record to use another subject for that month.

  • HC

    Isn’t it early to be reviewing them, since they only opened on April 1st?

  • Carol

    I was told he was going to the Mansion. Do they have a rooftop garden there? I know he is interested in locally grown. Is he still going to use some of Eden’s Garden produce?

  • QTip

    The Mansion? That would be suicide for Rosewood.

  • Txnutrichef

    Actually it would be a great pickup for the mansion and rosewood properties as well. Their suicide decision was picking up an arrogant vegas chef who ended up destroying the restaurant. They would do well to pick an award winning chef that still has his head on straight like chef Gilbert does. Only time will tell.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Yes, Gilbert would be a perfect pick for the Mansion. Gilbert has flourished when he worked in the secure hotel environments of the Ritz and Bevely Hills hotels. The Mansion is a natural spot for Gilbert to be Gilbert. I’m sure the announcement will be soon.

    HC: Fair to be reviewing them? They were charging full price for their product, don’t you think it’s fair that they live up to that price?

  • jessica

    Team Dave.

    Go team, go!

  • Daniel

    What a loss for lazare, cant wait to see where chef David ends up though.

  • s

    Huh? Cant Ferre just come back?!!!

  • DALLASChef

    Rumor has it Gilbert has a tasting at the Mansion tomorrow….

  • cbs

    son of a…Lazare just opened and had very good food. I wonder what happens now. Please keep the buffalo burger and the heirloom tomato soup!

  • Sporty

    Lazare may as well close without Chef Gilbert. Any company who picks him up will reap the rewards. It’s no surprise that there is such a Buzz about him. Talent and genuine personality breeds energy and success.

  • Robert

    Well, I think The Mansion would be fortunate to get Dave, but I find the rumor mill hard to believe – mainly because when I was having lunch with Dave and his father the other day there was no mention of it all. Sorry to disappoint folks..

  • borntorhone

    OK, well I am pretty upset because Lazare was one of my new favorites. I have been 4 or 5 times even though it’s only been open about a month and had some very enjoyable food there. I pray to god they still have the person in the kitchen who was making those perfect juicy bison burgers!

    Anyway, kudos to the staff because my sister and I were there for lunch on Saturday and neither the friendly bartender nor any of the waitstaff gave any hint that there was turmoil behind the scenes.

    Russell Hayward- hope you are NOT re-concepting because I like the way it is now.

  • MegO

    Chef Gilbert is a true artist and great person – what a loss for Lazare. can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve!

  • MegO

    Dave is a true artist and great person – what a loss for Lazare. can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve!

  • Lisa

    Why is it a loss for Lazare? I met David a couple times and his ego outweighed his food. I did stop in this weekend after hearing all this and the food was great. I was able to meet the new Chef, Ryan, and he was very down to earth and friendly. I’m more likely to go there now!

  • Luqacite

    It would be a travesty if The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek hired him as anything more than a plongeur. Lazare will do no worse without him than they did with him.

  • Jameslh

    Went to Lazare on Saturday, had been a couple of times before… all I can say is that the food has dramatically improved since “Chef Gilbert” has left. Keep it up Lazare, now great food as well as great atmosphere.

  • foodie

    Sorry that all of Russell’s buddies feel like they need to turn this all negative – if you’ve been to Lazare the past few days you will see the menu deteriorating into nothing but bar food – if that’s what you like guess it’s OK but I don’t go to restaurants with true chefs to get bar food – Russell may be good at running bars but it looks like he has no sense when it comes to true dining

  • HC

    David Gilbert “a true artist”? The only thing he and a true artist have in common is the inability to hold down a real job for more than six months.

  • DGirl

    Enough. Please. This is ugly and unproductive and one of the reasons Frontburner turned off comments. Whichever side if the aisle you’re on, please stop the disparaging comments.

    As the great peacemaker Rodney King said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

  • Nancy Nichols

    Well, it sounds like the two camps have sent out the troops. I will say this–Gilbert called me back and Hayward did not. So I am cutting off the comments. Send me an e-mail if you have news to report.