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8 comments on “Bob’s v Del Frisco’s: Best Steak Contest

  1. I have eaten at the original Del Frisco’s back when Dale Wamstadt owned it and it was very good. The quality has dropped some since he sold it, but still good. Bob’s in Grapevine on the other hand; is one of the best places I have ever enjoyed a steak at. I have eaten at many great resturants around the country in the last 20 years, but Bobs is far and away one of the absolute best places to dine.

  2. Look forward to eat at Bob’s every chance I get. The food and wines, atmosphere, and service gives all other restaurants something to aim for! Great place to entertain, or just relax – couldn’t ask for a better place, and yes, I love the carrot!

  3. I’ve been in both restaurants over the years on business and pleasure. For the most part the top Prime Steakhouses use the same meat purveyor and for the most part the same grade.
    It really get’s down to consistency and the sides, and I have to say Del’s has Bob’s smoked on both.

  4. Del’s food was good, service is not the right if you don’t spend that much money they treat you like left over. And Bob’s food is OK, service they are deft you tell them I don’t want the carrot and the carrot always coming. And i don’t like cinnamon. They are much better STEAK HOUSES in Dallas..

  5. I heard that somebody has fronted Bob Sambol 300 large so he can out from under his indictment.

  6. Del Frisco’s doesn’t even compare to Bob’s in my opinion. Service at Del is slow and steaks are generally very inconsistent. Bob’s is always excellent every time, particularly the Grapevine location. The only other steak house in Dallas that even comes close to the excellence of Bob’s is III Forks. IMO!