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10 comments on “Phil And Janet Cobb Will Open A Barbecue Restaurant With Dotty Griffith

  1. Dotty makes some of the best BBQ I’ve ever tasted. Coupled with Janet’s attention to detail in the front of the house and Phil’s administrative smarts makes me think its time to tune up the GPS and find out where Carrol’s Town really is…

  2. With this trio Carrollton just got noticed. Janet is one of the most detail oriented people I’ve ever scene, Phil is the quintessencial entrepreneur and Dottie is a great all around food person with an excellent palate. I cannot wait…and finally I get to critique Dottie.
    It is great to see 3 people that have dedicated some much to the restaurant biz having fun again.

  3. The restaurant does have a liquor license allowing beer, liquor and wine to be served. There is a bar inside the restaurant that is open until 2am…and it might be one of the only smoking bars left in the city!!!

  4. WOOHOO! We liked the BBQ place that was there before, so we are EXTREMELY happy another will take it’s place. We refuse to eat at the Dickey’s near there…blech. This place sounds like it’s got the people and the backing to make for a great place.