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Wine Sale At Sigel’s On Inwood: Deals Of The Century

Tired of drinking cheap wine? Well, if you get over to Sigel’s on Lemmon and Inwood today you can be swirling and sipping fine wine and paying cheap prices. Yesterday, I got a press release noting that Sigel’s had deepened the discount to 40% off. So instead of posting the deal, I headed over to the store. (Sorry.) As you can see from the photo of my cart, I did pretty well. Especially for someone who swore she would never buy another candle again—those dang candles are only 10 cents—I bought two cases for $2.40.

I also scored a Les Crays Pouilly Fuisse 2004 ($25 retail, I paid $15), a Barbaresco Rabaja 2001 ($55 retail, I paid $33), and a mismarked Palacious Corullion 2002 (marked at $37.99,should have been close to $100, I paid $28).

The knowledgeable sales folks are all there and will guide you to the best bargains. It’s really sad to know that this great store is turning into a drive-though bank. Damn the torpedoes. Four bells! Full speed ahead!

  • http://www.thebradsblog,com TheBrad

    I went over as well last night, also scammed me some of that Barbaresco! We were surprised at the number of gems still left on the shelves – get down there folks!

  • DTD

    Holy Lord, Nancy. That cart looks like the one Nicholas Cage filled up in “Leaving Las Vegas.

  • DTD

  • Alfonso

    that Barbaresco Rabaja 2001, NN, you really scored, I’m compressed!

  • David Waddington

    Last Saturday was the last sad day. I started my wine drinking career there 3o some odd years ago buying wine from one John Rector.