Graeter’s Ice Cream Now Available At Kroger

ic1ic2Okay ice cream junkies, I’ve got a new fix for you. See that bowl of chocolate chip ice cream to the left? It is now somewhere in my body readying to solidify in my thighs. Graeter’s is a small-batch—2 gallons at a time—premium ice cream from Cincinnati. Since 1870, they have been making different flavors using the slow-spinning French Pot method, the same method my parents accused me of applying to my college education.

Lots of food people send food products to the office (Hi, Sprinkles! Hi, Eatzi’s!) and I rarely write about them. Full disclosure: The folks at Graeter sent me 3 pints. I think it’s a product worth the calories. Click here if you want to learn more.  Graeter’s is now available at area Kroger Food Stores.

One comment on “Graeter’s Ice Cream Now Available At Kroger

  1. I, too, learned about French pot in college.

    And I, too, gained a greater appreciation for ice cream because of it.