Old Watel’s Space Will Reopen As Sí

Yes, it’s sad that Rene Peeters closed Watel’s. Yes, I know he is looking for a new space to relocate his sexy little French bistro. But the Allen Street Cottage will soon become a Spanish tapas-style restaurant called Sí. I guess Spanish tapas is making another comeback–I hear Aurora is going tapas. Sí or no, Celeste? (Y gracias Thomas.)

3 comments on “Old Watel’s Space Will Reopen As Sí

  1. Not Celeste, but Avner is doing tapas-esque small plates for lunch but he doesn’t like to call them tapas. IMO, it’s because they are so far ahead of the generic tapas popping up everywhere it would be misleading. They’re more like a do it yourself tasting menu. I’ve had the Merluza (fish, tomato, olive oil, salt), Red Mullet, Razor Clam & Lobster/Duck confit and they were all incredible dishes, especially considering the price. Rocking with the Pommier Petit Chablis!

  2. Speaking for myself, ‘tapas’ is a dirty word for (Texans) who want to eat big and not take out a second mortgage when the bill comes. Down With Tapas!

    Remember when you were a teen, and you and your friends ordered a pizza? And you were lucky to get a second slice and had to drive through Jack-in-the-Box on the way home because you were starved despite having paid big bucks for part of a pizza that someone put (god forbid) pineapple and bacon bits on? Stop The Tpas Madness (as pouting Susan used to say!)