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Easter in West Texas

photo1This Easter I visited Big Lake, Texas, home of the BF. This is a town about six hours west of here, close to San Angelo. There aren’t a ton of options for food in this town (pop: 3000), so we mostly ate at home (fantastic chicken salad, smoky pork chops, homemade venison sausage, ham, the infamous Chocolate Delight dessert). Saturday morning, BF and his dad went and picked us up breakfast burritos from a place in town called La Mula. Apparently, Big Lake has several little spots in town that are open in the mornings only for people to pick up burritos to-go (this is popular for people working in the oil fields). This was a great one. Homemade tortilla, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, chunks of potato, bits of bacon, and fresh, tomatoey salsa on the side. I would have been happy with a little more bacon, but overall, this was a nice treat. It was huge but I ate the whole thing.

Those following us on Twitter know Todd made chicken scalloppine and key lime cake (just tasted some, it is dense and sweet and crunchy from coconut) this weekend. Now you know what I had. Anyone else? Nancy?

2 comments on “Easter in West Texas

  1. next time you visit make the bf venture you into san angelo for some delicious authentic breakfast burritos and mexican food. i went to school there and there is nothing quite like the food — soo good yet soo cheap. glad you have a nice west texas boy on your hands. cheers!