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No Sales Tax on Tax Day at Whole Foods

wholefoodsmarkettaxdayMy taxes are definitely causing me problems. I hope I’m not alone here. But even lucky people who are getting refunds and not paying the government thousands of dollars they don’t have will appreciate this offer from Whole Foods. On Wednesday, April 15, all the Whole Foods locations will pay your sales tax for you. Yep, you won’t pay sales tax all day on ANYTHING. Food, clothes, Tom’s shoes, beer, wine, whatever. Very nice.

With that, we’re out. We have a half day today. Happy Easter, everyone, and happy eating.

6 comments on “No Sales Tax on Tax Day at Whole Foods

  1. Hey folks. Scott Simons here from Whole Foods Market.

    We came up with this idea as a fun promotion in light of the current economy, and we have discovered that according to the state’s tax laws this is potentially a questionable offer, so we unfortunately have to rescind the offer for tax day.

    We’re sorry for any confusion and appreciate your understanding. It was a fun idea, but unfortunately not something we can follow through on. It was fun while it lasted! Have a great weekend.

  2. Hey, Scott!

    It’s called PLANNING…look it up! Research also works remarkably well when used in conjunction with planning.

    Good luck!

  3. What was “fun while it lasted”? I thought the term “bait and switch” or perhaps “tease” but not “fun while i thought about saving money which i won’t be saving”.