The Snack With a View: Croque Madame at Chez Francis

croque-madame-smallerWelcome to the next installment of Paris food porn: the croque madame at Chez Francis, where avenues Montaigne and George V meet, right near the Seine. I call it a snack with a view because the patio overlooks the Eiffel Tower; in fact, we were on our way there when we stopped to eat, and this brasserie was a solid recommendation from the concierge at Plaza Athenee, who knew we wanted something light but didn’t want to spend a lot. I’m sure for most I don’t need to explain what a croque madame is, but for the novice foodie, it is the sibling sammy to the croque monsieur, a popular hot ham-and-cheese snack. The madame comes with a fried egg on top–I just love the way the sunlight glistens on the yolk–and because this one’s open-faced, it’s a lot like a lunchtime version of eggs Benedict. Chez Francis, however, is a lot more than just a spot for a snack. On the white-tableclothed side of the patio, local patrons were partaking in beautiful platters of shellfish–a house specialty.

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  1. espesially when the other blogs on this website continually talk about lay offs. didnt D just lay off quite a few people?

  2. @frugalista:

    I’m guessing that this is a personal vacation. Nothing wrong with killing two birds with one stones by blogging about it for SideDish.

    Love the food shoots and thanks for letting me living vicariously through you, Chininis!