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This Just In: Chef Darren McGrady Will Be On Larry King Live

Chef Darren “Bouillon” McGrady, who also goes by The Royal Chef because he was the personal chef for Princess D and the Royal Family, is going to be on Larry King Live tonight. The e-mail notice sez:

The Obamas in London!

The President and First Lady take Britain by storm – and meet the Queen. The U.K. is mad for the American “royalty”! The Fashion! The Food! The Frenzy on Larry King Live! Chef McGrady will be talking about afternoon tea with the Queen and Dinner at Downing Street.

Set your TiVo now. 8:00PM.

4 comments on “This Just In: Chef Darren McGrady Will Be On Larry King Live

  1. I’m with you Pot Net. Although I couldn’t believe that the Dmn reviewer called him out on using bouillon. He certainly got on her case anyway.

  2. Darren McGrady is actually a very nice person, gracious, and humble. I have met him at several events. And I am really just a commoner, but he is always cheerful and takes the time to say hello. Better than some of the chefs around here who think they are famous, but aren’t.(We won’t name names, but you know…..)

  3. Maybe Brenner is calling Larry right now to talk about too much suger in peas, too?