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Somebody Help Me: Where To Eat in London’s West End

Hello, friends and foodies. I’m in London for the night before I leave for Paris tomorrow afternoon. I’m staying at the Langham, and I need a decently priced spot for dinner nearish the hotel. As you can imagine, we’re pretty beat, but we’re going to hang in there! I’m off to Fortnum & Mason right now (can’t wait), but I’d like a quiet little bistro or cafe for dinner. Any suggestions? (James Dean, there’s a message from me in your inbox on FB.)

7 comments on “Somebody Help Me: Where To Eat in London’s West End

  1. It’s a bit of a chain (albeit a small one), but I love Wagamama for reasonably-priced Asian. The location nearest the Langham is on Lexington Street in Soho and there is another on the south end of Covent Garden.

    If you’re up for other Asian spots that are reasonably-priced and just damn tasty:

    1. Busaba Eathai on Wardour Street in Soho. Often has a line out the door and down the sidewalk but VERY good. I love the aromatic butternut squash curry.
    2. Satsuma on Wardour Street just off Compton Street – also Soho. Chicken Katsu Curry. Need I say more.

    All are very short, cheap taxi rides from the Langham and thanks to those awesome London taxi drivers – you’ll always get there on the shortest route possible.

    Hope you can avoid all the protests!

  2. Bring me some Fortnum and Mason tea please…maybe some Darjeeling Green Tea or their Earl Grey blend. Thanks a bunch.

  3. That’s easy. Rasa. It’s within walking distance from the hotel, is moderately priced, and terrific. Go there and it will ruin you for Indian in Dallas.