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Crawfish: Where’s Your Favorite?

Last week I was lured into Pappadeaux for their Monday and Tuesday night special: $3.95 per 1 1/4 pound of crawfish, with potatoes and corn. The place was jammed, and as a result, the waitstaff was overwhelmed. Our server was very nice and kept apologizing for the long waits on everything–drinks, bread, entrees, check–but it was clear that they were just understaffed. He was trying his hardest and we didn’t hold it against him. Here is a pic of the crawfish. For $4, it was a good amount (though there was just one lonely potato and one small piece of corn), and the crawfish were really big, but I’m not dying to return. I’d rather pay more and get better service, a cleaner table, and perhaps something to wipe my hands with after I’ve eaten. I’ve had crawfish at Dodie’s that I really enjoyed (lips burned for hours after eating), but I’m wondering where everyone else goes. Lemme know, because I feel a craving coming on…

16 comments on “Crawfish: Where’s Your Favorite?

  1. Go to Nates. I’ve never understood the allure of the overpriced poor service Pappa’s places (other than Pappa’s Steaks, that one is good).

  2. Hands down, Nate’s. Get the turbo and ask for some of the cooking juice in the bottom of the tray.

  3. Cajun Corner Seafood Kitchen in Richardson. by the pound crawfish, pretty decent prices, great taste. it’s BYOB too. Located on Plano Road and Collins near 7-11.

  4. I went to Pappadeaux last night for the crawfish special and the service was actually decent (there were 5 of us). Maybe it was just an off night when you went.

  5. Nates but not on a Friday night unless you want to wait for an hour or so as I did last week. I didn’t think the turbo were that hot but they were great.

  6. Are any of you people making suggestions originally from Louisiana? Or the south? Where you KNOW what crawfish is really supposed to taste like??? It’s not meant to be really hot, but more flavorful than anything. Nothing is worse than really hot crawfish where u can’t even taste them.

  7. we don’t have tables, but swing by TJ’s Seafood Market for all of your live crawfish needs. we also cater.

    we’re not from Lousiana, Runnergal, but i’ve been to many a boil down there and our crawfish are flavorful and a bit spicy, but not overpowering.

    we love Ledon’s seasoning, very savory.

  8. runnergal – yes I’m from Louisiana. That’s what I liked about Nate’s turbo. Even my 11-year-old daughter ate them and they were no big whoop to her. And she didn’t even have a cold beer to wash them down with (although I think that is the legal drinking age in Louisiana.) :)

  9. @jon- I must be doing something wrong because the live crawfish are very dificult to eat.

  10. Sarah- i really don’t like them anywhere i try them here, so sadly, i eat more than my fill when i get back home to LA!