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Making Dallas Even Better

National Restaurant Survey Results: What’s Hot

I’m readying myself for the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago from May 16-19. I can’t wait to stroll around and check out all of the geeky new foodservice equipment, listen to some of the speakers (Hi, Steve!), and dine at Topolobampo. Anywhoo, the NRA has released the results of annual their annual What’s Hot […]

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More On BYOB: You Say You Want A Revolution? Let’s Revolt.

Last week Ms. Amy Severson raged against the “Dewhurst Bill” which would changes the rules surrounding  BYOB. She makes a lot of good points. If you want to read about the national BYOB movement, Glazer’s Alfonso “MW” Cevola provides a list of links over on The Blend.  I gotta say, I’m with Ms. Amy on […]

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Progressive Tasting Party with Flavors From Afar and Molto Formaggio

I love this idea. And two of my favorite epicurean outposts to boot. Flavors From Afar and Molto Formaggio are hosting a progressive tasting party featuring Italian goodies May 8-10. The event includes antipasti and sweets paired with wines at Flavors and cheese and wine at Molto. Each shop will also offer gift bags stuffed […]

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Monica Greene Returns To Dallas For A Visit

Yesterday I grabbed a quick lunch with Monica Greene. She was in town to visit family, particularly her 2-year-old grandson, and to cast her early vote. She’s still living in Aspen and running a small vegetarian/vegan bistro on the top floor of the Explorer Bookstore & Bistro. The Aspen restaurant is closed for renovations so […]

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Starck Club Documentary Screening Will Be Followed By A Party At Dali

One of my few/many memories of the Starck Club was finding Stevie Nicks not so elegantly wasted and passed out  in the “ladies” room. One of her false eyelashes perched on her cheek like a dead butterfly. Her black eye makeup ran like skinny sideburns down both sides of her face. Lacey patterns of white […]

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