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Layoffs All Over

You may have read on FrontBurner that we laid off 12 people from our staff today. Makes me sad. Now comes word from a Fort Worth Disher:

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but Amy Culbertson, food editor of the Star-Telegram, was laid off today.

It’s a really sad day to be a writer. I’m going face down in a sous vide martini. Bye.

  • FWFoodie

    Amy, your voice will be missed. I wish you well. And the Star-Telegram just gave me another big reason not to bother looking at it, or its absolutely hopeless Web site.

  • Margie

    Oh no! How awful.

  • OneArtDirector

    A sous vide martini? My 8th glass of Dynamite Merlot pales by comparison. Wish I had bought tickets for SideDish Supper Club’s Sous Vide evening evening with Chef Chris Ward at the Mercury Grill (nice shameless plug, eh?).

    If you have a spare one, please notify your old marketing art director. XOXO

  • AWM

    Maybe we should consider going to Mexico and joining the cartel – from all reports appears they have a contant need for emploment – can only imagine what their HR Dept. would be like!!! Then, again, maybe I can’t!

  • Rawlins

    God bless everyone at ‘D’ who were forced to make these beyond-difficult decisions, who lost their jobs and feel lost and alone. This is turf I know from the inside out. Never forget that while there’s life and health, there’s hope and happiness ahead. Sooner or later. God bless all concerned.

  • carissa

    Its been a rough couple of years for writers, at least thats how I feel watching my favorite ones be laid off.