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Sharon Hage is Not, I Repeat NOT, Involved In New Henderson Restaurant Project

Last Thursday, Christopher Wynn reported on Eats blog that Donald Chick, the groovy dude involved with La Condesa at Victory Park, is opening a new place on Henderson. Wynn wrote that the restaurant would be named Jones and the food, “California roadhouse with a farm-fresh mentality,” would be cooked by a chef picked with the help of “Chick’s friend, York Street’s Sharon Hage.” I just received an e-mail from Hage. She writes:

“Donald Chick had/has no authorization to use my name in conjunction with his upcoming restaurant project.  We are barely acquaintances, much less friends.  Several months ago, he called to discuss his plans and the possibility of my consulting on the menu.  We met twice-briefly.  I suggested he contact Mark Cassel.  End of story.”

She goes on to make it clear that she has no stake in Chick’s plans or right to use her name in the promotion of Jones. However, I am burying the lead. Hage’s only action in this “friendship” with Chick was that she suggested a few months ago that Chick should contact Marc Cassel. From the “sound” of the e-mail, it looks liked the veteran nice-guy chef will helm the kitchen at Jones. And Sharon Hage had nothing to do with it. Donald, perhaps you should have at least added Hage to your Facebook page before you claimed her as a friend. You picked the wrong chick to tick off. Speaking of chicks, back to you, Casey.

22 comments on “Sharon Hage is Not, I Repeat NOT, Involved In New Henderson Restaurant Project

  1. Jones (odd name in Dallas) sounds great, we need more farm fresh, hopefully healthier eating options. BUT this type of nonsense makes me very suspicious of the operator already.

  2. Correct, Chef Sharon Hage is not involved with the restaurant at 1921 Henderson. She was kind enough to recommend a chef candidate whom we are working with. We will be submitting a press release in the near future to announce the details of the restaurant.
    Donald Chick

  3. Sharon has always been so rude…why ? Donald is just a young kid trying to great things in Dallas..does it always have to be so exclusionary ??

  4. Susie Lynn- You obviously do not know Sharon Hage. She just does not fall for the heapin’ mound of bs that Dallasites seem to love to dish out. This woman gives her time and money to good causes around Dallas. She is real, and stays behind the scenes to run a damn good restaurant. She is not a self promoter and is such a kind, humble person. So why don’t you shut the F*** up and go pop another Vicodin.

  5. @Gigi: That comment would have been much more appropriate without the last sentence.

  6. OK, yes I know her and Sharon can be brusk (which certainly seems rude at times). She’s also a dedicated chef/restrauteur and a huge asset to the Dallas restaurant scene. She also gave Chick exactly what he needed by providing him with Cassel’s name. What’s the problem with her protecting her own name by making it clear that she is not involved with Jones? In the end I’d rather be bowled over by her food than slathered in dishonest, insincere schmoozing. Sarah’s right about Gigi’s last sentence which sounds like it came out of the mouth of a local representative on Top Chef. Due to the time stamp on Gigi’s post, my advice to all is to avoid drinking and posting – it rarely turns out as intended (and yes, that’s a lesson learned the hard way).

  7. Gigi must be friends with Casey Thompson – same mouth! Everyone has an opinion and do not have to be on drugs to express one – wrong or not. Sharon Hage would probably be embarrassed to claim Gigi as a “friend” with that potty mouth..stick to the facts Gigi and leave the language out you idiot.

  8. Judging by the response, Sharon Hage does not think they are friends. But let’s cut the man some slack – Donald Chick was accurate when he said the chef was picked with Hage’s help. From Hage’s own words: Two face to face meetings plus a phone call, recommending a name, and that name is the fellow hired. Sounds like the most Chick is guilty of is a broad definition of the word “friend.”

  9. Donald is a great guy, who will undoubtedly do great things in the Dallas restaurant scene for years to come. He is smart, young, ambitious, in-the-know; he has A LOT of things going for him… Please cut the guy some slack. My goodness, he who has never made a mistake please cast the first stone! Best of luck to you, Donald!

  10. Didn’t this guys’ restaurant, La Condesa, get one star and a terrible review from the Dallas Morning News? Maybe he should fix that one before he does another. And Sharon did exactly as she should have on this deal. He was clearly trying to peddle a relationship with her to upgrade his own persona and project.

  11. Can’t wait to try Jones…I hear they are going to have a great courtyard patio!

  12. i have eaten at la condesa twice (granted this was about a year ago) and was not impressed…hopefully his new venture will be better

  13. I think it’s perfectly respectable and smart for a perennial James Beard nominee (Sharon) to be protective of her name and its representation in the Dallas food scene. Her place is one of a few in Texas that are recognized on the national level and, lets face it, La Condesa Comida y Tequila is a far cry in aim and quality from York Street. Although she might have given him the lay of the land chef-wise, Chick was clearly name-dropping to hype his new project…lame but possibly effective.

  14. I agree with Christopher completely:

    “Chick was clearly name-dropping to hype his new project…lame but possibly effective.”

    But having seen what I’ve seen from this Mr. Chick – the name-dropping doesn’t surprise me. He’s pretty cocky.

  15. Hage is a jackass. Rude, arrogant, elitist, and self aggrandizing, and I’ve proselytized this for years. I’m not sure when kissing a female chef’s ass became obligatory in Dallas. I don’t see Dallas kissing any Afro chef ass or Hispano chef ass. I don’t know Mr. Chick and don’t care what Hage’s opinion is of him. Paraphrased of course: “I take credit for mentioning chef Cassel in case this is a home run, but I distance myself completely in case it isn’t” or maybe a better interpretation is “I want to take credit for saying Marc’s name in case he throws down proper but I want no association with the restaurant’s success or failure, unless of course it’s hit in which case I will accept credit for saying Marc’s name in my weird little press release and I will fully accept credit for being his culinary savior, because I’m Sharon Hage of course and with this f’ed up economy I want to make sure I don’t get associated with a failed restaurant and that is the most likely outcome”. Jackass.