The Rosewood Mansion Closes The Chef’s Tasting Room

According to an e-mail message I just received from The Brad and former Mansion executive chef John Tesar’s comments on his Facebook page, the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek has closed the Chef’s Room at The Mansion. Tesar writes on Facebook: “John Tesar is sad that the Chefs room closed today [Thursday] and that the Mansion is giving up!”

Although I am sad that the Mansion has closed the Chef’s room, I doubt they are giving up. They may just be adjusting to the reality of the current sad state of fine dining. Not to mention the fact that they have not replaced Tesar with a high-profile chef to attract diners to the Chef’s Room. I will follow up with a phone call in the morning.

11 comments on “The Rosewood Mansion Closes The Chef’s Tasting Room

  1. Such a shame. The experience in the chef room was a great one. The wait staff superb the food amazing and the small touches were great.

  2. Nancy – you’re missing an ‘s’ in the phrase “sad tate of fine dining.”

    Not sure where the ‘s’ should go, though. Ironically, it works for both ‘state’ and ‘taste’.

  3. I just can’t imagine they will keep it closed…hopefully this is temporary until they find their star. Until then, I’ll wipe away tears while remembering several FLAWLESS experiences we had in that room.

  4. Without a designated Name chef in place the Mansion has done the right thing in closing the “Chef’s Tasting Room”. How would you like to pay for the experience without the chef? It’s an honest move and I agree with Snootyfoodie that they will probably reopen it when the time is right (like when the star is in place and experienced enough with the staff to feel confident that they can deliver the level of experience the room provided under Tesar).

  5. Hopefully they can keep the restaurant open. No one eats there anymore and I hear they are laying off staff again…

  6. I heard from a server that they are struggling number wise. Most nights there are only 15 people eating there. There is more going on then just the tough economy… can you say no chef = no faith. A restaurants reputation is very vital, and the Mansion’s star is fading fast…. a black hole!

  7. Who’s not analyzing costs right now??? Don’t automatically assume this is a sign the restaurant is in trouble. Met with the Mansion folks today. The Chef’s Room was only open for dinner and only open on Thur, Fri and Sat. That’s 4 dead nights and 7 days where that room was a liability. Of course it helps to have a star chef to warrant a chef’s tasting room. For now, the library/chef’s room once again becomes part of the restaurant which gives more dining and private meeting space. Once they hire a new Exec Chef, they could very well bring it back. But just as they were with Tesar, they are being very methodical in their search. Meanwhile, Exec Sous Eric Brandt continues to run the kitchen – just as he did many, many nights when Tesar and before that Dean were their top chefs.

    Btw, the restaurant was full for lunch service when I was there.

  8. Why would anyone say mean things about a Dallas institution that was created by Caroline Rose Hunt who continues to be involved in the business? These are tough economic times for everyone. Unemployment is expected to climb to 10%, of course local establishments will also be impacted. Sounds like a few people really have an axe to grind about this company and use the anonymity of the internet to say these hateful and possibly untrue things. Shame.

  9. The Chef’s Room was only open on Thursday through Saturday. But that limited night schedule was itself a cutback from when it was open more nights (maybe even seven). Going back to my OpenTable log, I find three Tuesday night reservations before the change. The room was always sparsely populated.

    If the main restaurant were at capacity Sunday through Wednesday night, eliminating the Chef’s Room to make room for other customers could make sense. But if that were the reason, couldn’t they just as easily open that room to customers and offer the regular dinner menu Sunday through Wednesday?

    The problem is that the restaurant is far from full on weeknights. And the Chef’s Room has been below capacity lately even on the few nights it is open. Tesar’s departure didn’t help. They don’t have the business to justify the kitchen and FOH resources required to keep it going.

    Beyond the operational aspect, they no longer have the driving reason for the Chef’s Room. That room was Rosewood’s push to establish Tesar and regain the fifth Mobil star they lost years ago. A five star restaurant to go with the five star hotel. That didn’t happen and now Tesar is gone.

    They may have had a grace period to reestablish the restaurant after Fearing left. But starting over from square one again, they have to be worried about whether the hotel will lose a star, costing them business in a market where they can’t afford to lose any more. With money as tight as it is right now and considering the huge investment they already made in the remodel and in Tesar, can they afford to invest so heavily in trying to make the restaurant something more than a typical luxury hotel restaurant?

  10. spin spin spin spin spin …….. Blah ,Blah, Blah, dow is 6900 it’s all over for fine dining at least for the next 3 years….. investment ? Tesar could have been Daniel, he got the 5 stars and kept the 4 Mobil still a unique select group ! Kee Chen ?