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Open That Bottle Night

Earlier this week, KERA ran a Fresh Air interview with Wall Street Journal wine critics (and husband-and-wife duo) John Brecher and Dorothy J. Gaiter, the creators of “Open That Bottle Night.” The idea behind it: Too many people hold on to sentimental bottles of wine, and no occasion ever seems special enough to pull the cork. Instead, one night a year, these critics encourage readers to crack open a special bottle and celebrate the wine itself. That night, dear Dishers, is this Saturday. I have my bottle picked out. What will you be drinking?

3 comments on “Open That Bottle Night

  1. I will be enjoying a nice box of Oak Leaf Vinyard’s finest Cabernet. Dont be jealous…its quite unrefined.

  2. I finally opened a lovely bottle of Champagne last weekend. It had been in our fridge for over a year. It was nothing fancy, but begged to be enjoyed after such a long stint in the ice box.