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Old Pescabar Space Will Be New Lazare Space

Stopped in West Village last night to see what was going on in the old Pescabar space. A sign in the window advertising for help indicates the name of the restaurant is Lazare. The contact person is veteran restaurateur Russell Hayward (Tom Tom, Fuse, Nikita, Timpano, Samba Room, Canonita, Mignon, Fishbowl, and TABC to name a few).

7 comments on “Old Pescabar Space Will Be New Lazare Space

  1. Puddin’ Tane: The plans are for more of an modern neighborhood bar than a pub. The Food will have the spotlight in this casual Bar Restaurant with Chef David Gilbert putting the finishing touches on the menu for a March 23 opening.

    Im hoping the West Village crowd will enjoy this addition to the dining/relaxing options there.

  2. Of course. Generally my prices have always represented good value, regardless of the economic situation.

    I think in order to survive in this new (or really any) economy it is essential that any business provide a high quality product at a price that represents good value. I am also of the belief that we are in business to be a positive part of our guest’s life, not to take every opportunity to drive as much financial profit as possible from every possible angle. Id rather take ‘Emotional Profit’ with a lower net financial profit from every guest experience than a ‘one shot’ huge financial profit and never see that guest again.

    I have always been a proponent of over delivering on taste, quality and environment against price – hopefully you’ll find Lazare will be no different.

  3. Look forward to the opening. Wasn’t Ken going to be one of the Chefs? Greek guy …

  4. We stopped by on Friday and all I can say is AMAZING. Chef David, has out done himself on Lazare. Everything we tried was AMAZING. I hope you all go a try out Chef’s creations. If you do not try it you are really missing out. I can not wait to go back!!! Keep up the good work Chef David, Ryan and Chris.