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Top Chef Finale: Who’s the Winner?

I’m feeling mixed emotions of sadness and excitement and hunger for tonight’s final episode of Top Chef: New York. Yes, the season has been kind of a disappointment overall. But mostly, I.Can’t.Wait. Cause I think Carla’s gonna take it. She’s pretty much saved this season from being a total snooze fest. Well, she and HosEah, of course. For all the other TC fans out there, who do you think is the winner? It’s probably going to be Stefan. But I’m going to hoot and holler if it’s Carla. Show us the love!

15 comments on “ Top Chef Finale: Who’s the Winner?

  1. I hope it is Carla too.

    Please do not post the winner in the headline in your blog! I can’t watch it until tomorrow evening. Thanks.

  2. I can’t get the “Sideshow Bob” comparison out of my head. The German in me wants Stefan to dominate because of his superior German Verstandspielen (mindgames), but the sheer entertainment of watching the goofiest chef on TV is appealing a well.

  3. I’m pulling for Carla in the upset, but after tasting his own blood in judging last week, Stefan is going to come out swinging. I think that we’ve seen that when he’s motiviated to bring it, his 10 out of 10 is better than anyone else’s 10 out of 10. But if he only gets to 9 and Carla doesn’t falter, then she could walk with it.

    Hosea gets the booby prize. And I don’t mean Leah. Hey-oh!

  4. Honestly, I love Carla!! I think she’s a fabulous chef and has been on a roll lately, but I still think Stefan is brilliant. Hopefully he can overcome his cockiness and can prove himself. If either of them win, I’ll be happy. I just think Hosea isn’t as talented as those other two, but not by much!

  5. Carla Carla Carla!

    I wan to see how insanely crazy she goes if she wins! She was very understated in winning the car – and I am SOOO glad it was her who won it. She deserves it.

    I so want to see Stefan come in third and get totally blasted on being an overbearing, arrogant, smug jerk.

    Hosea is good but he’s a whiner. He’s so second place.


  6. I’ve loved Carla’s interviews since the beginning and I think she would appreciate the win more than Stefan.

    That being said, Stefan seemed the clear winner with all those wins throughout the season. If he truly is the best chef, I hope he wins. BUT his ego is out ‘o control! I do wonder if they will count that against him or go strictly on food and food alone.

    But I’m still rooting for Carla!!

  7. Hmmm. Sarah, my dear girl, I think you need to remember that this is only a fictitious “competition.” Perhaps you need to get a real hobby. Or, even better, a life.

  8. I think Stephan should get it, but after tonight, I’ll have to think of something else to do on Wednesday nights…

  9. Who will win? Certainly not the most talented chef – the winner will be the producers choice, not the judges, or the fans.
    My choice, for what it’s worth, is anyone except Stefan.

  10. I couldn’t help myself, it’s the perfect cartoon/human pairing. Oh Carla, you would have been better of with Beaker as your sous.