19 comments on “ Top Chef Finale: Seriously?

  1. So the darling of Sidedish Casey Thompson completely blows it for Carla. Can we stop kissing her ass now ?

  2. TOTALLY agree… Casey totally doesn’t know how to be a sous chef (i.e. help the chef instead of constantly suggesting new things & making Carla second guess herself). I honestly think if Carla had been left to prep & cook herself or had the other two previous Top Chefs assisting she would have won. Casey choked when she was in the finals and helped Carla do the same.

    Also what baffles me is that Casey’s publicist sent out a press announcement… over THAT? Embarrasing to say the least.

  3. Seriously. Casey can’t chop an onion. And as a fellow cook (in all caps)HOW MUCH MORE BASIC CAN IT GET? Casey tells carla sous vide is awesome. Clearly Casey doesn’t know how to do that either. I’m disappointed Carla didn’t have the confidence in herself to stand up to Casey. just like Richard last season she had it in her but it didn’t come through when it mattered. Too bad. This show has been sliding downhill since seasons 2-3. Tre could have kicked all their a$$es this season.

  4. I can’t believe it! Over the past few episodes I had really become a fan of Carla. I was really hoping she would pull it out in the end, but thanks to Casey she lost her way. I am with Believe It, can we stop kissing her ass now? Has she ever proved herself to be a decent cook?

  5. I was crushed Carla didn’t win. I was even more crushed at how crushed Carla was. BOO CASEY!

  6. Ok I loved Carla and wanted her to win but dang why listen to someone else, this is your rodeo, you can’t blame Casey, she made suggestions, she didn’t tie her down and Carla was just like, ok! Anyways Carla will do good things in the future I am sure. I wish she had more confidence in herself.Hosea should not have won, Stefan was pompous and annoying but he was a better chef and yes I get that they just judge on that final meal, I guess, because lets be honest, I would much rather eat at Stefans restaurant, he just doesn’t need to be talking to anyone ;) And the desert was so 80′s??, looked like a desert at places I have seen recently, oh well when does project runway start again….

  7. I agree with Karen. Stefan should have won. I also feel sorry for Carla but it looks like she had no confidence and let Casey lead. Well, at least she won a very nice car. Hosea? I would never eat at this restaurant either. This season was forgettable…

  8. The live blogging from Gawker (via eater.com) doesn’t seem like people hate Casey (although I think one person called her Evil…and also Stacy). The NY crowd seems to be very disappointed with the Hosea win…oh well, this season was weak. At least Last Restaurant Standing on BBCA is still on..

  9. Karen is right…you can’t blame the sous chef who suggests. It’s the Exec chef who makes the final decision on what to do, and Carla gave into Casey’s ideas. Sous vide beef is a tough (forgive the pun) preparation. Had a marinade including olive oil, or even just wine/beer, been used in the sous vide packaging, the sirloin would have been more tender, similar to braising the beef. Then the blue cheese souffle, Carla admitted that she did not reduce the oven temp like she should have. That was totally her mistake. Had she dropped the temp to bake it correctly, I bet the souffle would have put her into serious contention, despite the beef debacle.

    Now, had I been in Carla’s shoes, I would have gone simple rustic French with some kind of a braised beef like beef Bourguignon. I think it could have been a dish to show off her skills while providing a classic French dish. It’s an easy recipe to blunder, but executed well, it can leave you a little speechless at first bite.

  10. Count me among the pissed off. I’m going to guess that Casey didn’t realize how terrible her suggestions went over with the judges. Not worth bragging about. I learned back in grade school that group projects suck. Too bad Carla didn’t remember that.

    I also believe that Hosea isn’t going to be held in high regard in the future but Stephan and Carla will so in fact those two truly won.

    Also: Since when is “twat” an acceptable word for television?

  11. See, it’s not an acceptable word for blogs! Starts with a T, ends with a T, W and A in the middle.

  12. I liked Carla but none of them impressed enough to deserve the title of top chef. This was by far the weakest season. Booh.

  13. did you also catch the part at the end where Richard said “i was happy with my dishes” What!? Richard seems like a fairly humble guy yet he had so much influence on Hosea’s food that he said MY dishes. Plural. and they only cooked 4 courses. sounds like richard got the top chef title he deserved if he hadn’t have choked last season.

  14. After watching Top Chef, my opinion of Casey is that she is pretty and pretty stupid. What a joke.