CONGRATS: James Tidwell Passed Master Sommelier Exam

Drew Hendricks and James TidwellYou’ve heard me talk about Four Seasons Sommelier James Tidwell. He’s one half of the duo who founded the Texas Sommelier Conference and has been a champion of wine education in Texas for years. I just received a text from James (he’s still in Healdsburg, Calif.) and am happy to report that he passed the exam, making him the fourth Master Sommelier in Texas, second in Dallas. For those of you who don’t know what a major feat it is to pass the test, read this article to get a clue. Congratulations, James. We all know how hard you’ve worked for this. Well done. (Tidwell pictured seated on right.)

5 comments on “CONGRATS: James Tidwell Passed Master Sommelier Exam

  1. Hmm. Those too look like they were just yelled at by their mother after being caught doing something naughty.

  2. Both James and Drew worked their tails off to pass an exam that most people (including myself) cannot even bear to think about.

    High fives to the newest master somm in Texas!

  3. Congrats, Mr. Tidwell. As a proud holder of my Level 1 who is preparing to take the Level 2 in April, I can only hope to one day be 1/100 the wine expert of the 2 gentlemen pictured above.

  4. Just heard about it last night! Many congrats! I know how much you deserved,studied and tasted for it! Yall will still be Peter, Paul and Mary too me!!!