Get Your Eat On Pre-MystiQal at State and Allen Lounge

As I mentioned here, my friends and I will be attending MystiQal again this year, even though it is in the West End/downtown area and not in Victory like I thought (in Victory we can park at my friend’s apartment for free). However, last year we had major quibbles with the food situation. Lines were so long for things we eventually gave up. You can imagine what this resulted in: Four very tipsy girls.

Now, we are a full year older and of course, much more responsible. We might eat a little something first in case our hopes of MystiQal food are dashed again. One idea I had is going to Dodie’s for a little crawfish party beforehand. Then I got an email from someone at the State and Allen Lounge, who told me they are having a pre-party on Saturday night too. They are going to have shrimp etoufee, drink specials, and very importantly, Mardi Gras beads and masks so we can look appropriate when we arrive downtown. For more info, call 214-239-1990.

One comment on “Get Your Eat On Pre-MystiQal at State and Allen Lounge

  1. Sarah, so you were the one person who knew how to park for free at VP before the mass closings freed up all those spaces. Cool!