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13 comments on “Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Sushi on McKinney

  1. I hope that isn’t true. A locally owned, fun concept should go in there, not another chain. Arrghhh.

  2. Oh God no!! Please say this horrible news isn’t so!! Please tell us that god-awful vomit pig Chipotle will go somewhere (anywhere) else.

    Let Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen go there instead (hey Kent — it’ll be right across the street from Abacus and that’s convenient operationally right?)

    And also let Tim Love’s Love Shack go into the former Chips location right by there too.

    Please God please. I’m so sorry about everything I said about Wade the Hampster from N9NE and Lisa Garza being a Star Trek Convention tool. I’ll stop. I think.

    And hallowed be thy name.

  3. Knox-Henderson was terribly short on inferior-Mexican food restaurants.

    And if Sushi on McKinney has new owners and a different space, in what sense is it still “Sushi on McKinney?”

  4. Bob – sorry you can’t read and are clueless.

    Read what was written again and then join me and Nancy at Traverna and we’ll spoon feed you the right info while we see who can balance their high heels on your back the longest while we sit and drink our wine.

  5. I love Chipotle. Although it’s a chain, the quality is great. Of course everyone would love more interesting locally owned restaurants, but in this economy any new tenant is a good thing.

  6. I hope the new owners don’t try to make Sushi on McKinney too shishi. The part of the charm of the old place was that it was affordable and unpretentious yet still feeling authentic.

  7. i welcome a chipotle. hell, i want another chipotle to move into the chipotle on mckinney and boll. i love chipotle so much i have cilantro pajamas and i wrap myself up in my off white comforter when i go to bed.

  8. I agree about Uncle Meat’s comment – Zappa lover? Well, I definitely think Chiptole is better than most chains and I do like the food, BUT I will terribly miss Sushi on McKinney there. I hope the new place is good. I know this post is old, so it may already be there and rocking!

  9. I went to the new Sushi on McKinney last night(now next door to Cubanita, one block south from the old SOM. The space is really attractive – you have to admit the old SOM was looking pretty tired. I had all my old favorites and they were great. It is definitely not chichi and is reasonably priced. It doesn’t have a long menu of fancy rolls, which seems to be the trend lately, but it was delicous. I am so happy to have it back.

  10. This Restaurant has changed the Owner and move to just 1 block south from the original place.

    Bigger , Cleaner, Up-scale , Improved!!!

    Robb Roll , Spicy tuna Roll, Kabuki(spicy crawfish top with baked mayo)
    Fresh salmon, with resonable price.

    Best of all is B.Y.O.B. (untill they get licence)

    . Ideal for party wtih and good atmosphere.

    I do like this place