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Geniuses at Einstein’s Giving Away Bagels

I stopped to grab a coffee at Einstein’s Bros. Bagels at Mockingbird and Abrams on my way in to work (their Winter Blend is one of my favorite drip coffees of all time, but moving on). I pulled up and there was a tent of sorts outside the store, which I thought might be an efficiency measure for people picking up bagels by the dozen. Nope. The store is undergoing remodeling through Wednesday, and until then they’re giving away bagels, schmears, muffins, and coffee. I really just wanted a coffee (no Winter Blend, however they had my second favorite, Vanilla Hazelnut, on tap), but the kindly bageler insisted I take some food, too. I asked for one cinnamon raisin bagel (my son’s favorite), and when I got in my car, found that he had put in two. Go getcha some.

2 comments on “Geniuses at Einstein’s Giving Away Bagels

  1. I love their bagels (and the Vanilla Hazlenut coffee), but lately that place has been so packed with people it takes forever to get your order. I waited thirty minutes on Saturday around noon for my sesame bagel with onion and chives schmear. That seems like a long time to wait…

  2. We were there on Sat around that time too and found the service even slower than the normal snail pace. We go there almost every weekend and really miss the old staff that left about a year ago. The new decor looks good, too bad they can’t expand the store. :(