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Making Dallas Even Better

Sharon Hage is Not, I Repeat NOT, Involved In New Henderson Restaurant Project

Last Thursday, Christopher Wynn reported on Eats blog that Donald Chick, the groovy dude involved with La Condesa at Victory Park, is opening a new place on Henderson. Wynn wrote that the restaurant would be named Jones and the food, “California roadhouse with a farm-fresh mentality,” would be cooked by a chef picked with the […]

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Casey Thompson Speaks Out on Casey Thompson Speaks Out About Top Chef

Hmm, Casey-Gate has proven, once again, that Facebook creates more enemies than friends. I have had several e-mail exchanges with Casey this morning and she is obviously unhappy with what happened. I just want to make one thing clear: I have read the original Facebook exchange between Sarah and Casey. Sarah clearly asked Casey to […]

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SideDish Supper Club Update

See that groovy drink to the left? That’s a watermelon martini. But it’s not just any watermelon martini, it’s a martini made with watermelon prepared sous vide. This morning I met with Mercury Chef Chris Ward and he showed me the cocktail he created for the inaugural SideDish Supper Club dinner on March 5th. Next […]

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Celebrate Texas Independence Day By Drinking Wine

Didja know Texas Independence Day is right around the corner? (Of course you did, you’re planning to go get tacos like we discussed here). Another thing to do? Drink Texas wines. Lisa, otherwise known as C&S on DallasEats, otherwise known as our resident wine chick (not to mention the author of an upcoming book on […]

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