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News From Nikki: She’s Feisty Today

Our favorite Spice Girl, Nikki from Northaven Gardens, has a message and a dare for you.

It is time to plant seed potatoes, shallots, onions, asparagus, and berries. You can also plant broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and greens right now. The cole crops all do great in cold weather. Most of my lettuces survived the ice and last night I ate salad with my own lettuce and made homemade dressing with my own herbs that all survived quite well. Anywhoo, there you go! We’re daring all the true foodies to grow their own food this year!

Well, la-di-da, la-di-da, la-di-da, Miss Nikki. Or shall I say Mrs. Nikki who has a husband to do the heavy digging and lifting. No, I am not bitter, just without husband and not capable of digging a garden. I do grow herbs in pots on my patio. However, if anyone wants to start a community garden patch with me, I’ll do my share of the work.

One comment on “News From Nikki: She’s Feisty Today

  1. Nancy, if it’s any consolation, I HAVE a husband, and he still doesn’t dig the holes! He does like to watch me dig the holes…I know, it’s just not fair. And my garden is substantial…

    We’re lucky, we can grow veggies and herbs year-round here in Dallas. In pots or in beds. Either way works. February is time to get going if you’re gonna do it. I seriously don’t have to buy salad greens for 8 months out of the year…and $8/lb for tomatoes? Mine from the garden run me from about late-may through February. I almost can’t even stand buying grocery store tomatoes. Although Central Market/Whole foods usually have a nice selection of Texas grown Heirloom tomatoes in winter for about $25/lb mind you….

    And btw, Nikki is always feisty, or so she likes to pretend…but we are a bit snotty on the foodie front…I mean, shouldn’t real foodies grow their own food? I’ll walk away flipping my ponytail and saying la-di-da just for you. lol