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Best Burger in Mesquite? Dallas?

One Disher feels you can find it at Bacon and Friends. Ah, bacon. Hear his pitch:

Bacon and Friends is a small burger place that serves probably one of the best hamburgers you have tasted in a long time. it is on Galloway near downtown Mesquite. The burgers are hand formed(1/2 lb.) fresh meat not those frozen patties.the fries are cut fresh daily not that frozen stuff.They also serve some other foods but the bacon cheese burger is my favorite.

They don’t have a website (good sign). But here is the location. Go. Eat. Report.

6 comments on “Best Burger in Mesquite? Dallas?

  1. …and there’s nothing wrong with frozen fries. In fact, freezing freshly cut fries is a technique for achieving crispy outside, fluffy inside fries.

    But, wait a second, you probably intended your shill for those who don’t know any better.

    Do people love the fries at Houston’s, for example? Yup, frozen.

  2. Ate there today with the family…pretty good…they do know bacon (that’s to be expected with the name) and they piled it on the bacon cheeseburgers we had…good flavor to the burgers – cooked medium well, but with plenty of juicy, drippy goodness due the supposed marinade (worcestershire, it seemed)…fries were so-so…hand-cut (saw them being cut while peering into the kitchen) and well seasoned, just not cooked crispy enough for my liking…all in all, the restaurant is a good option amongst many, but not stellar enough to make a special trip…