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Richardson High School Culinary Program Wins Local Competition

In days to come, your memory we’ll cherish. Through the years, we’ll still be true.”—lyrics from the Richardson High School fight song.

Oh, Richardson High, my alma mater. Class of 1970. (Hi, Pearl Jam!)  Good old RHS didn’t have an exemplary culinary magnet program back in my days—the only dish I learned to cook in Home Economics was glazed carrots. (I wanted to take Shop but they wouldn’t let girls in the program. It was the Dark Ages.) This morning comes some very bright news: a two-person team from RHS took top honors in a Iron Chef-style competition, sponsored by the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association, held yesterday. Fly high Eagle chefs! My niece Jamie is about to enter your program. She will kick some culinary sass.

5 comments on “Richardson High School Culinary Program Wins Local Competition

  1. NN, I went to the magnate program (class of ’99), but there were definitely no culinary classes even then. Glad to see you knew the fight song, I’d forgotten it.

    I like the Jeremy reference; I always say I went to the school with the original school shooting (I try not to say it often as it’s a terrible thing to say).

  2. The competition was amazing. I want to make sure we mention the names of the winners since they put so much work into preparing for the event. First place went to
    Mollie Guerra and Faith Glennie of Richardson High School. They are under the instruction of Karen Hill. Second place went to Kenia Santibanez and Josip Janjik of Wylie High School. They are under the leadership of Steve DeShazo. Third Place went to Jordan Molder and Nataly Mora of Frisco CTE, lead by Jennifer Gause. There are over 20 schools in the North Texas area with culinary programs just like these. It is a great opportunity for students to be exposed to the restaurant industry. This is the future workforce for the restaurant industry and we couldn’t be prouder.