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Re: Bocuse D’Or Update

Norway has won. Team USA came in sixth. Read about it here. Here’s what Hollingsworth and Guest made (from the New York Times):

It prepared an olive oil poached loin of cod enveloped on scallop mousse, preserved Meyer lemon and Sicilian pistachios with citrus mousseline and shrimp nage.
It also presented wild prawn and Haas avocado tarts with fennel compote, chili peppers and yuzu gelee; agrumato custard with shellfish bouillon and candied ornge zest; and Yukon gold potato and bacon mille-feuille, with crème-fraiche-enriched King Richard Leeks, Hobbs bacon chip and a large dollop of Sacramento Delta Osetra caviar.

For its meat entry, it presented roasted beef rib-eye wrapped in applewood smoked bacon with prune-enriched oxtail jus; rosette of Scottish beef fillet with Perigord truffles, celeriac and oxtail-endive marmalade; glazed beef cheeks a l’etouffee with garden turnips and sweet carrots grown in the garden of the French Laundry, the Napa Valley restaurant where Mr. Hollingsworth works; calotte bresaola fume a la minute with granny smith apples, savoy cabbage and horseradish mousse; and truffled pommes Dauphinoise with California chestnuts, pickled red onion and celery brunch salad.

One component of the American beef dish was presented in stemmed crystal globes illuminated from below.

Sounds impressive to me. Maybe 2011 will be our year?

3 comments on “Re: Bocuse D’Or Update

  1. Team USA would have won if they could have included the Bacon Extravaganza in their offering. The mere spectacle of the bacon weave would have had those fancy-pants Euros gasping in awe.

  2. sounds good, hard though maybe. i guess if you’re a chef in a restaurant you get a lot of practice poaching in olive oil.